We heard rumours a couple of months back that the Fife Women’s Technology Centre will be closing due to education budget cuts at Adam Smith College. The cuts Adam Smith College were planning were all the classes that are currently being run at the Lochgelly Miners Institute managed in partnership with Fife Women’s Technology Centre.

The Courier have quoted Joe Fitzpatrick from Fife Council, stating;

”The Fife operation is the only centre of its kind left in Scotland and has had a great track record of providing intensive support to individuals in the community. That success, however, has been dependent on robust partnership financing arrangements, which are now coming to an end.

”The current reality is without vital funding from external sources and because of the financial challenges the council also has to face, we have to consider options for the future…”1

With the Fife Women’s Technology Centre ceasing their activities at the Lochgelly Miners Institute the building will be closed until a usage is found for the building.

This is a real local concern as the building has only been brought back into use after being completely refurbished a couple of years back.

Hopefully, the building will not be left to fall into it’s previous disrepair as illustrated in the video below.

This is a real loss to the local community and to those individuals which have had help and support from the local classes provided. We do not know what will be happening to the building, but it looks more than likely that he building will be closed down for the time being.

You can learn a little more of the background history of the Miners Institute on our Lochgelly Miners Institute History page.

  1. The Courier, Funding cuts mean closure for Fife Women’s Technology Centre, http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Fife/article/18625/funding-cuts-mean-closure-for-fife-women-s-technology-centre.html
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  1. Beryl

    November 4, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    I work at the “other” local college and due to the government cuts, things are tough in education and its to get tougher with more cut backs next year we believe. You should target your local MPs, MSPs, Councillors etc to make them understand the extend of these cuts and the impact they are going to have on us all and Scotlands future.


    • Terry

      November 6, 2011 at 10:56 am

      I don’t think any sector is safe at the moment. I think a lot of the cuts are happening in the background and people don’t get to know about them until something like the institute is closed or the hospice beds getting removed from the hospital


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