We attended the Lochgelly Charrette Update meeting held at the new Business Centre in Lochgelly. Unfortunately we missed the presentation speech, but we had a chance to view the various stalls, showcasing the regeneration work which has been ongoing prior to the Charrette, and after the Charrette.

The event was attended by a cross section of the community, including 6 Community Councillors and both local councillors, Mark Hood and Ian Chisholm.

It was interesting to see inside the new business centre developed by Ore Valley Housing Association, and we have requested a follow up visit to capture images from inside the building.

There was an update on the Lochgelly Centre, and it appears that the delays have been caused by the level of abestos in the building and a completely uprgaded heating system. We were notified that due to the high levels of asbestos, additional rooms had to be upgraded and refurbished.

The centre is probably going to be delayed until February before it is fully opened, but it is currently hoped that public access to the building will begin from the beginning of January 2012, with the relocation of the Lochgelly Library. The centre and services will be opened up in stages for the community.

What was the most interesting part of the event, was being able to see all the old Lochgelly buildings that are no longer here, such as the Dryborough Place flats, Broadways pub, the Queens Arm hotel and Chemist, and a variety of other buildings that had falling into disrepair.

Seeing the older images of Lochgelly was a surprising reminder that in some respects, Lochgelly has vastly improved visually around the central area.

We are going to ask Fife Council if we can recieve a copy of the images to be republished online to show the changes, and also keep a historical record in the public domain of the changes Lochgelly has underwent from past to present.

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