by McKintosh

Move aside, get oot the way
Progress is comin’ tae oor hills an’ braes
Giant machinery strides across oor land
Neither beauty nor beast can stop the demand.

Wi’ diggers and lorries rippin’ an’ tearin’
The countryside noo looks sich a blight
Wi’ churned-up earth piled oh so high
An’ hard shiny roads, land concreted ower.

Ripping oot hedgerows, choppin’ doon trees
Destroyin’ the Rookery o’ a hundred years
Scaring awa’ the wildlife, threatenin’ the birds
Mak way fer these new saviours o’ earth.

Knockin’ doon the Ruins
Pouring concrete in oor land
Clearing away oor greenery
Fer the supposed benefit o’ mankind.

Graceful lookin’ machines, twirlin’ in the air
Benzene gases re-distributed everywhere
The long arms o’ the turbines turnin’
An’ aw the gasses fae Mossmorran
Dispersin’ lazily in the breeze.

Pink-footed geese who visit next year
Surprised by these giants that suddenly appear
9 giant turbines ower 400ft tall
Will gie them a scare, an’ dwarf us aw’.

Death o’ the birds cut doon in flight
Is surely tae be the buzzards’ plight
The blades slice thru aw’ in their path
Deadly knives viciously slash, slash, slash.

The trees ripped oot, the towers will frown
Doon upon oor little town,
Deid birds collected every day
Their numbers nought but hearsay.

The noise of thump/thud/whoosh,
Throughoot the night
The intermittent flickering light
Will ma health suffer, will that o’ ma bairn.

‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’ can affect us aw’
Sleep disturbances, becomin’ the norm
Vibration an’ hum cairy thru the air
Wi’ headaches, tinnitus, nausea
Attackin’ the nerves, aw’ sae adverse.

Swept awa’ by the company juice
Wi’ pylons feedin’ into monstrous towers
Promisin’ the earth, destroyin’ the flowers
False gods stride mercilessly onward.

Welcome these towers wi’ caution an’ threat
Don’t take their coppers, it’s a puir swap
Publicity companies rub hands in glee
An’ buy aff a town wi’ money an’ power.

Campaigns grow up aroond this land
Asking that we tak a stand
To halt the destruction in its tracks
And let us hae some debate an’ say
Tae see if what we’re daein is still ok.

There’s plenty info on the web
To say this progress isnae the best
There’s mony a scientist yellin’ aboot danger
We’re needin’ a debate aroond the table.

These pretty monsters, arenae aw’ they’re claimed tae be
Leavin’ us a useless metal legacy
O’ thinkin’ we could hae energy fer free
We’re payin’ fer it wi’ oor heritage, oor health, oor fees.

Maybe we’re lucky
An’ tourism will flourish
Bringin’ the money in, as they flock tae the towers
The highest machinery in the whole o’ Fife
Sittin’ next door to oor ain cracker plant.

Watch the pretty publicity o’ graceful turbines,
Gently turnin’ in Nature’s breeze
Breathe deeply the Benzene gasses
Tak’ into yer soul, the hiss o’ machines.

Tear the hedgerows oot by the roots,
Chop doon the trees, get rid o’ the woods
Block your eyes to the cry o’ the flowers
Oor salvation is here in the form o’ the towers.

Disnae it look pretty, turnin’ in the wind
Thump, thump, thump, the machine grins…

“Huge amounts of tax payers money for scant environmental and electrical benefit make them a scam. Wind-farms are inefficient, destroy the landscape and far more could be achieved through energy efficiency. If you lagged the roofs of 500 homes it would have the effect of putting up one turbine. They can only work 30% of the time at very best, in Denmark it is only 17%. We have to keep other stations running, spinning in reserve, inefficiently pouring out carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide. These turbines are 22 storeys high put on hills where everyone can see them. They kill bats and birds and need 1,000 tonnes of concrete as well as a road infrastructure. It beggars belief that some environmental groups can say they are ‘green’.”__Professor David Bellamy

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