In an earlier article; Mossmorran – Time Bomb, we mentioned how local councillor Mark Hood was looking to conduct a survey to see how much of an impact Mossmorran has on the local areas affected.

One of the reasons to conduct the survey was to try and get hard data, to present to the various groups that deal with Mossmorran, rather than present data which is based on rumours and hear say.

Mark Hood has notified us through his official Twitter account that he has created a survey and he is hoping people will take a few minutes to fill it out to collect data about Mossmorran and what kind of impact it is having on the area.

You can read why Mark Hood is conducting the survey on his website at:

If you want to take the survey, you can complete the survey online at:

This is an ideal opportunity for people to put their views across to the Councillor, and provide more feedback about the ongoing concern that many appear to have about Mossmorran.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and is a positive step on holdiong Mossmorran accountable to the local areas affected.

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