The Lochgelly Community Council held their AGM on the 9th November and selected new office bearers and then continued with their normal meeting. A lot of issues were raised and discussed so we will be breaking the coverage down into a couple of articles.

This article will cover the AGM part of the meeting and a quick overview of the other issues raised at the meeting, to be covered in full in a later post.

Six members of the public were in attendance at the meeting, all the Community Councillors (15) showed up, as well as both local councillors, Mark Hood and Ian Chisholm.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM started by reading the minutes from last years AGM and then the treasurer read out the annual accounts. Currently the Community Council has two accounts; Special Projects with a balance of £3541.84, and General Fund with a balance of £1707.72

Ian Chisholm took the position of the chair during the process of selecting new office bearers.

Two Community Councillors nominated, Ernest McPherson for the role of Chairperson, and another two members nominated Eileen McKenna for the chair. Eileen declined the nomination, and Community Councillor Steven Murray was proposed for the Chairperson role.

A vote was held with Ernest McPherson receiving 8 votes and Steven Murray receiving 7 votes. Ernest is now the chair of the Community Council.

Dodd Kinnell the treasurer for the past year was nominated and voted to carry on as treasurer.

The position of Vice Chair was next with Steven Murray being nominated and Alex Sharpe receiving a nomination. 7 Community Councillors voted for Steven and 8 voted for Alex, making Alex the new Vice Chair.

The position of Secretary held by Christine McGrath was not filled, with no Councillors putting themselves forward for the role. Christine agreed to continue as Secretary for last nights meeting to give the Community Councillors time to consider who they would like to fill the role. As of today the role of Secretary remains available, and the position of the Secretary remains unresolved.

The next set of votes was to elect a Community Councillor to serve on the Mossmorran Safety Advisory Board, and to be honest, this part of the vote was mishandled and very confused.

Ernest McPherson and Eileen McKenna were both nominated to serve as representatives. Ernest took 6 votes and Eileen took 7 votes. As chair Ernest then cast an additional vote for himself giving both nominees equal votes. The equal votes for some reason meant that Ernest had won the vote and became the new representative for the Safety Advisory Board.

Community Councillors raised their concerns that this was a misvote, but their concerns fell upon deaf ears as the Chair moved on to other issues. After several minutes of discussing other issues, a Community Councillor finally managed to draw attention back to the misvote.

The chair seemed reluctant to give another vote but finally conceded whereby both nominees received 7 votes each. Ernest then cast an additional vote (2 votes – casting vote), a right which is granted to the Chair (a Chairperson is allowed to vote, and on a tie cast an additional vote to break any ties), and voted himself into the role.

This was the end of the AGM meeting and the beginning of the Community Council normal meeting. We will publish another article shortly on the issues raised which includes Mossmorran recent flaring, and Little Raith Wind Farm.

LoSW Commentary

We have some concern that the role of Secretary is unresolved and it is our understanding that the Community Council cannot hold an official meeting until this position has been filled.

Also a member of the public has expressed concern that within the Community Council there may be a conflict of interest concerning property development.

Rules do state that if there is a conflict of interest then the Community Councillor must state their conflict of interest and step down from any discussion on the subject. We will therefore be keeping a close eye on the issues raised to make sure there is no breach of this rule as the Community Council is there to represent the views of the local community.

What are your views on your Community Council? Please leave any comments you have below.

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  1. alf

    November 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    we have 3 local councillors not 2


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