Wind Farm Developers Troll Community PollsWe have been running a poll for Little Raith Wind Farm, and checking the voting logs is quite interesting. As of writing this article there is 55 votes against, and 9 votes for, and 1 vote unsure for Little Raith Industrial Wind Farm.

What is interesting is that 7 out of the 9 votes have all been made by companies with a vested financial interest in the development going ahead. Luckily the system we have in place for the polls is designed to reduce attempts at voting manipulation, and stop multiple votes. While not 100% effective it has reduced their capacity to completely try and fix the poll.

This attempt at manipulating the votes suggest to us at Loch of Shining Waters that the Industrial Wind Farm is not about community benefit, but about money. The promise of green energy and reduction of CO2 levels cannot be proved and is a white elephant. The fact that companies with a financial vested interest in the Little Raith development are voting on local community polls gives another indication that they will stoop to low levels to try and manipulate local results for their own financial gain.

We have also noticed that the poll for rejuvenating the Gelly Loch has started having negative votes against it, but only after we published an article raising concern that the Gelly Loch may not be a viable option if Little Raith Industrial Wind Farm goes ahead.

Checking the logs of the poll, it is interesting to see that the same companies with a vested financial interest in the Industrial Wind Farm are starting to vote against the Gelly Loch project.

It is heart warming to note that this small site for the Lochgelly area is being perceived as a threat to the development, and the companies involved feel it necessary to try and fix the votes on local community polls.

May we offer a suggestion to these companies, rather than unsuccessfully trying to manipulate the community polls, why not register a free account (in your company name) and create your own articles that put forward your perspective, even though there is no independent scientific research that has been peer reviewed to back up your claims, and join the debate on Industrial Wind Farms.

Below is the 2 community polls that are currently being managed for the Lochgelly area, that have seen an attempt at voting manipulation.

Do you support the Little Raith Wind Farm project?

  • No (89%, 433 Votes)
  • Yes (8%, 41 Votes)
  • Unsure (1%, 6 Votes)
  • No Opinion (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 484

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Would you support a project to rejuvenate the Gelly Loch and make it more accessible for the local community?

View Results

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Looking at other groups that have opposed Industrial Wind Farm development, there is a growing picture of ‘Dirty Tricks’ that will be used by those with a financial interest in the developments. So far there has only been an attempt at rigging the votes.

There is evidence elsewhere that some of the tricks played, will be too try and discredit anyone opposed to their developments, and since there is no scientific basis for their claims, they will resort to name calling, the favourite at the moment is referring to people as NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard).

Before applying that term to us, please realise, that we are against all Industrial Wind Farm developments, as there is no proof to the claims made by developers. Industrial Wind Farms are nothing more than snake oil. As far as we are concerned there are environmentally friendlier technologies that can meet our energy needs. Sadly, Industrial Wind Farms can never match our energy needs, they also create massive amounts of CO2 to produce each turbine, and requires 100% back-up from fossil fueled power stations in their lifetime.

For those that are interested in some of the ‘Dirty Tricks’ employed by developers, we have provided a small snapshot of the tricks that have been recorded by reputable sources:

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