On the 27th July 2011 the committee of The Community Christmas Lights had a meeting to formally sign the constitution and start planning for the Lochgelly Christmas Lights.

The Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights is a constituted non profit group dedicated to raising funds for the Christmas Lights to be displayed in Lochgelly, as well as other activities connected to the Lochgelly Christmas Lights. The group has adopted the following social aims & objectives:

  • Develop and improve the Annual Christmas Lights display each year in Lochgelly.
  • Fundraise monies to pay for Christmas Lights.
  • Facilitate and encourage active community involvement in the group.
  • Facilitate and encourage active community spirit through activities associated with the Christmas Lights in the town.

Running costs of the lights is roughly £4,000 and this covers the maintenance costs when not in use and the cost to hang them and keep them lighted.

I’ve took the post as treasurer and represent Loch of Shining Waters on the Committee. There are many other community groups involved including the Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Lochgelly Community Council, the Royal Oak Community Club and Lochgelly Womens Social Group.


The main focus will be on securing funds from the local community, from individuals, community groups, and businesses, as well as seeking additional funds from Funding Agencies to cover the costs of the lights.

Additionally, (and this unofficial), I would like to seek additional funding so a day of events can be planned around the lights switch on. A basic example of what can be achieved if other community groups and individuals become involved is:

Morning party for mother & toddlers groups, followed by an afternoon meal and light entertainment for the elderly, then the lights switch on, followed by a youth disco for the teens.

The reason I would like to develop the extra days events is that it will provide something for the majority of the age demographics in the local community and be more socially inclusive. This will only be possible through partnership working and we will be contacting groups and businesses over the next couple of weeks.

In total this will cost around £6,000 – £7,000 based on initial costings. Please take a moment to fill complete our poll as this helps justify the lights to our funders.

Do you support the Christmas Lights of Lochgelly

  • Yes (99%, 158 Votes)
  • No (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 160

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Would you like to see additional activities with the Christmas Lights

  • Yes (98%, 50 Votes)
  • No (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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Getting Involved

The group will be holding regular public meetings at the Royal Oak Community Club, and we have created a new section on the site to keep people up to date on meetings planned, funds raised (and where the funding came from), details of the committee and project.

You can follow the development of this project and the other projects we are being involved in at: http://lochgelly.org.uk/projects/

We hope people will come on board and help develop the Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights as well as the other project we are developing.

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