Things have been very hectic the past few weeks with one thing or the other and we apologise for the lack of postings. This post is just to give a quick update on everything that has been happening just to keep people up to date on what were doing.

Community Magazine

The magazine has been back from the printers for over a week and we hope to get them distributed next week. The bulk of the magazines will be made available in the Lochgelly Community Development Forum office at 30/33 Bank Street (the office connected to the Fife Council office).


It’s took a while but we finally got round to making our freedom of information requests to Fife Council, Fife Constabulary, and the Fife Fire and Rescue service. We have asked a range of questions connected to the incident that happened on Saturday the 11th June that many residents complained about from all over Fife. We have also requested a copy of the accident report that Mossmorran will have to provide the local authorities.

Once we get our response we will publish it in full on the site.


Sadly the consultation was never extended or halted. People can still contact Fife Council and councillor Mark Hood with any comments concerning the plans, which will be put forward at the next Cowdenbeath Area Committee meeting in September.

Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights

We’re now working in partnership with individuals from the local community and local community groups to help develop the Christmas Lights for Lochgelly. The lights were originally a joint initiative but throughout the years the responsibility fell on the community council. At an emergency meeting held by the community council it was decided to create a separate community group to manage the lights with representatives from the local community and local groups.

The groups that are involved are: Loch of Shining Waters, Lochgelly Community Development Forum, Royal Oak Community Club, Lochgelly Womens Social Group, and the Lochgelly Community Council.

This project needs a lot of support from individuals, other community groups, and local businesses. You can learn more about the project and how to take part at: Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights

The Gelly Trust

Apart from the magazine, the Gelly Trust is a project that has got us the most excited. We receive many emails and phone calls about the Loch, mainly about getting better access to the Loch and for it to be improved.

We have decided to try and start up a sustainable, not for profit project which will hopefully rejuvenate the Loch, and provide better access to the local community, and the way we wish to achieve this is through partnership working with individuals and local groups in the formation of The Gelly Trust which will raise funds for the project.

This project is supported by the Lochgelly Community Development Forum, and both LoSW and LCDF will work in partnership with others to develop this project.

This will be a long term project and we will publish our idea in more detail very shortly. You can get a brief overview at: The Gelly Trust

LCDF Website

Lastly, we got a chance to update the Lochgelly Community Development Forum website – to give it a more modern look. We have added information about all the projects that the LCDF are involved in and gave the site a more modern look and feel. The site was completed with a minimum of coding, all scripts utilised are freely available via Open Source, just like this site.

Once again we apologise for the lack of postings. We hope that some of you will look forward to the development of some of the projects we are involved in and will consider getting involved as well.

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