One of the points we have been putting across to Extend or Halt the consultation was:

  • The plans available to download from the Fife Direct website are different from the plans held in the local office. The plans available in the local office gives more in-depth information on some of the areas to be redeveloped. Both online and offline documents should be exactly the same.

This information is incorrect and we have amended the article; Extend or Halt the consultation to reflect our error.

The discrepancy in the data verification is down to the way the file format has been handled by different Operating Systems.

Users of the Microsoft Windows Operating System can view the full documentation which is exactly the same as the offline documentation.

Myself and the other volunteer have been using MAC OS X (10.4) and MAC OS 9.1 which both support PDF files natively (ie – do not need additional software to view PDF files). However the way both our operating systems handled the PDF file meant that not all information was being displayed, and at the time of making our points, we had no idea that the MAC OS was not displaying the full content.

We retract our first point and have amended the original article Extend or Halt the consultation, but kept the original point on display and the reason for the edit for transparency reasons.

I apologise to our users, Fife Council, local Councilors and Politicians that we have contacted for this regrettable inaccuracy that we have only become aware about, due to the way the file is being handled by different Operating Systems.

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