The area stretching from the Avenue to Cowdenbeath Golf Course is to be developed for housing and is included in the consultation being held online (link published at the end of the article). Consultation ends on the 20th July 2011. The area to be developed is detailed below and is marked on the Google Map further down the page.

Extract – Pages 68 – 69

Lochgelly South (Overview)

  1. Four main vehicular accesses into the site are identified (thick black arrows) along with a series of pedestrian routes (dashed lines)
  2. The pedestrian route past Albert Park is an important link through to Lochgelly Town Centre. The area highlighted with a purple dot should be the subject of environmental improvements to make this an attractive route for pedestrians.
  3. The routes through the sites should be designed so that they are broken up into short lengths with distinctive spaces created along their route, this will help reduce traffic speeds and enhance legibility.
  4. The core paths which run through the site must be retained although their routes can be altered slightly
  5. New development must not prejudice potential future development within the hatched areas.
  6. Development should sit back to back with the existing built edge.
  7. Several areas of strategic greenspace have been identified across the site a minimum of three areas of at least 0.5ha must be provided, the plan gives an indication of their location but the exact configuration of the space is flexible. Brucefield Park can be moved slightly so that it is overlooked by houses and to create a more attractive entrance from Viewfield Terrace. No additional equipped play areas are required on site but a financial contribution must be made to upgrade play equipment in the Brucefield Park, West End Park, and Public Park equivalent to two new local play areas
  8. At the east end of the site development must face onto The Avenue. The lane by the piggeries is a key pedestrian access, however, if the piggeries are developed this could provide some vehicular access.
  9. The southern edge of the site should be designed so to accommodate potential future growth to the south
  10. Development frontages along the south western and south eastern perimeters of the site should face outwards towards the countryside and the Dora Golf course, these edges should not have a continuous built frontage but should allow pockets of greenspace to soften the impact of development facing the countryside.
  11. There is the potential to deviate slightly from the Local Plan boundary along the southern edge of the site if this can be justified by allowing a better design solution to be achieved.

Development within the middle pipeline consultation zone must comply with the guidance in Section 3.4.3 (Admin Note: We will publish this guidance shortly).

The map below has the basic areas marked concerning the proposed developments of Lochgelly, you can zoom in and out of the affected areas and view the map as a satellite view or as a normal map. Over the next few days we will add more details to the map.

View Changing Face of Lochgelly in a larger map



If you want to leave feedback to Fife Council and particpate in the public consultation you need to visit and register your details on FifeDirect: If you have any enquiries regarding the consultation you can contact Alison Wood on 08451 555 555 (extension) 442 668.

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  1. lone_piper

    June 22, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    will fight any development of this area.


    • Lochgelly

      June 23, 2011 at 11:22 am

      we will be fighting development of this area as well. It surprises me that they would even consider homes in this location as who would really want to live so close to a bypass, windfarm, and Mossmorran, at least the current boundary leaves some distance from the 3 and gives the area some nice countryside for the residents to enjoy.

      Fife Council have now given the local office a copy of the plans and questionnaires for the survey


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