The area near Lochgelly High School is to be developed for housing and is included in the consultation being held online (link published at the end of the article). Consultation ends on the 20th July 2011. The image on the right hand side indicates the area to be developed and is marked on the Google Map further down the page.

Extract – Pages 72 – 73

Lochgelly North - Overview

  1. It is assumed that no residential development will be built under the line of the overhead cables and for 30m either side of this line. If Lochgelly expands further to the north or west of the Local Plan allocation the overhead cables should be moved as part of the development proposals which would allow for this land to be built out. The design of the development in the short term must consider how the land under the overhead cables will integrate into the layout in the future.
  2. The routes through the sites should be designed so that they are broken up into short lengths with distinctive spaces created along their route, this will help reduce traffic speeds and enhance legibility. The core paths which run through the site must be retained although their routes can be altered slightly.
  3. Three potential main extravehicular accesses into the site are identified – a minimum of two must be provided.
  4. A route though to the area identified for the relocation of the rail station must be safeguarded.
  5. Two areas of strategic greenspace are indicated on the plan, at least one space of minimum of 0.5 hectares must be provided; however the exact configuration of the greenspace on the site is flexible. One equipped local play area must be provided on site.
  6. Development should site back to back with the school and, in the future with the existing built edge and the railway.
  7. Development frontages along the perimeter of the site should face outwards towards the countryside. At the far northern end of the site there is justification for a slight alteration to the boundary of the site to create an attractive entrance to Lochgelly and to the site. The perimeter should not have a continous built frontage but should allow pockets of greenspace to soften the visual impact of the development from the north.
  8. The western edge must be designed to accommodate future vehicular/pedestrian connections. The exact position of these connections is flexible but they should continue existing routes through the site


The map below has the basic areas marked concerning the proposed developments of Lochgelly, you can zoom in and out of the affected areas and view the map as a satellite view or as a normal map. Over the next few days we will add more details to the map.

View Changing Face of Lochgelly in a larger map



If you want to leave feedback to Fife Council and particpate in the public consultation you need to visit and register your details on FifeDirect: If you have any enquiries regarding the consultation you can contact Alison Wood on 08451 555 555 (extension) 442 668.

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One Comment

  1. mam

    July 17, 2011 at 8:29 am

    This is an important green space in Lochgelly where people walk with their children, walk their dogs, cycle and ride horses. These green areas help keep the people of Lochgelly active and healthy as highlighted in the report. The green areas around Lochgelly are a big positive for the area and should be maintained where possible. To develop houses here will totally spoil this green area and impact on people’s enjoyment of the area. This is also a designated route on the fife core paths plan and development here is bound to be detrimental to this. Access from Launcherhead Road will always be single track under a railway bridge which is not ideal and will likely lead to congestion/accidents in winter. There is also a lot of wildlife here – deer, buzzards, pheasants, foxes which would be impacted by this development, contrary to the aims of the development plan. I am sure there are lots of other areas in Lochgelly which would benefit far more from this development, if indeed more development is actually necessary, which are not current green spaces.


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