We have created an interactive map of the proposed developments for the Lochgelly area that Fife Council are currently seeking consultation on. The map is very basic at the moment, but you can get further details about the proposed development areas in the Fife Council documentation, published at the end of the post.


The map below has the basic areas marked concerning the proposed developments of Lochgelly, you can zoom in and out of the affected areas and view the map as a satellite view or as a normal map. Over the next few days we will add more details to the map.

View Changing Face of Lochgelly in a larger map

Lochgelly North – Area 1: Zoned for housing around the High School and running alongside the railway line.

Launcherhead Park: Zoned for the railway station

Lochgelly North East – Zone 2: Zoned for housing from the WeatherMac site down towards the railway line. (This is probably one of the main reasons Lochgelly never got the publicly backed supermarket with petrol station).

Lochgelly East – Area 3: Zoned for housing with restrictions in place to ensure access is given to the NGL Pipeline corridor and the Gas SGN pipeline corridor.

Lochgelly South – Area 4: Zoned for housing with the ruins and the garage facilities at the Albert park being marked for later development. There is also a note that the development should consider future expansion and development of the are towards the South. So ultimately the plan is to build houses all the way down to the Bypass, Wind Farm and Mossmorran.

Lochgelly West – Area 5: Zoned for housing. The golf course seems to be getting left alone and the plots, other than creating some ‘green’ pathways to connect to the Violet Park. The Violet Park is to be developed when the house building commences, this will probably be through a section 75 agreement with the developer, so this development will only take place if Fife Council has learned any lessons from the Section 75 agreement with Lomond Homes for the New Farm Vale site.

Little Raith Wind Farm – This has nothing to do with the consultation but we have included the boundary area and proposed turbine sitings as it is another area that is marked for development for the Lochgelly area.



To register and give your feedback, you need to visit: http://www.fifedirect.org.uk/lochgellyguidance

We will be publishing further details on development proposals for each of the areas over the next few days. We would publish sooner, but a 90 page document (a lot which is unnecessary) is a lot to wade through and we do not want to miss any of the important details which might be tucked away inside some of the irrelevant sections.

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