Launcherhead Park has been earmarked for the potential development of a railway station.

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The existing rail station has minimal facilities and does not have disabled access to the northern platform. The Lochgelly Charrette identified the opportunity to enhance the rail station facilities to more fully exploit this important asset for Lochgelly through relocating the station slightly to the west, providing full disabled access, additional parking and commercial facilities around the station. The relocation of the rail station is a long term project but land at Launcherhead Road must be safeguarded so that this important opportunity is not lost to Lochgelly.

Lochgelly Charrette Proposal for Lochgelly Rail Station
Launcherhead Park

Land to be safeguarded for rail station improvements at Launcherhead Park:
Launcherhead Park

The land highlighted blue above is designated as Other Transportation Proposal, to be safeguarded for the potential relocation of the rail station as identified in the Charrette Series Report.

The map below has the basic areas marked concerning the proposed developments of Lochgelly, you can zoom in and out of the affected areas and view the map as a satellite view or as a normal map. Over the next few days we will add more details to the map.

View Changing Face of Lochgelly in a larger map



If you want to leave feedback to Fife Council and particpate in the public consultation you need to visit and register your details on FifeDirect: If you have any enquiries regarding the consultation you can contact Alison Wood on 08451 555 555 (extension) 442 668.

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One Comment

  1. mam

    July 17, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Whilst I appreciate there may be reasons to extend the railway station, to extend it into this location will remove a valuable green space which is actively and regularly used by residents. Is there not waste land to the east of the station which could be better utilised? The car park at the station is never full so I doubt that there is a need to extend parking.


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