We received a message from a member of the Lochgelly Community Development Forum, who was in attendance at the Cowdenbeath Area Committee, that was held yesterday (18th May 2011). The Cowdenbeath Area Committee have approved and given the green light for a supermarket to be built behind Cowdenbeath library (North End Park).

The supermarket is being built by Vico Properties who will also be undertaking the development of a sports pavilion, and the upgrade on land to the north of Sycamore Crescent and Hope Street, in Lumphinanns.

We have been told that the supermarket has been approved, and it was approved as an ‘Edge of Town’ supermarket!

Now those that have a keen memory might be thinking ‘Wait a minute, wasn’t the Lochgelly supermarket with petrol station, which had the backing of the Lochgelly public, rejected because it was an ‘Edge of Town’ supermarket?’, and yes, you would be correct.

One of the reasons for rejecting the WeatherMac supermarket was that it was an “Edge of Town’ development and this didn’t fit with the Mid-Fife local plan, which aims to build everything in a central location for the communities covered.

We were also told the WeatherMac supermarket would not be given the go ahead because it would ‘Kill the the local shops’, yet there was no evidence of this, merely a failed attempt at using Orwellian language to try and prove a viewpoint without any depth, substance or proof.

So now Cowdenbeath is to have a supermarket, that is an ‘Edge of Town’ development, yet no one has mentioned that it will kill the local shops, even though that development is much closer to the shops in Cowdenbeath, and therefore has more chance of (as the charrete and some local councillors put it) “killing the local shops’.

Lochgelly has been left with nothing, even the proposed small store has no one interested in developing the site, which suggests it was a paper exercise. Meanwhile Cowdenbeath gets a supermarket, which was approved on the same principles they used to reject the Weathermac supermarket.

Double standards, no wonder the community of Lochgelly gets fed up and suspicious whenever there is new developments in the local area, because time after time, we see our views being ignored. Developments that the community support get shunted to the side, and projects that are not supported get given the go ahead.

We are interested in the views from Lochgelly on this latest decision, but we would also like to hear from those in Lumphinnans and Cowdenbeath concerning the decision, so please leave us your feedback below.

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One Comment

  1. tiptoes

    May 22, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    the cowden supermarket plan was passed because fife council own the land.simples


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