We recently received a Google Alert notifying us that a motion has been tabled by MSP Murdo Fraser for the parliament to congratulate the volunteers of the Loch of Shining Waters, we have published the motion below

*S4M-00058 Murdo Fraser*: Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters Community Website—That the Parliament congratulates the volunteers behind the award-winning community website, Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters; recognises that, since starting on 1 January 2010, the website has expanded into what it considers to be a thriving resource for the local community; notes that it brings together information regarding local groups and organisations and also current and historical events; commends it on winning a Web Site Award in 2010 and for receiving funding from The Better Net Awards organised by the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs; notes the use of a wide range of multimedia and interactive resources on the site such as videos, interviews, forums and polls; commends the team for the site’s encouragement of community participation in the project through the use of open source software; looks forward to the publication of the first self-funded issue of its community magazine; considers that this project has had a positive impact on its local community, and wishes the volunteers well for the continuing growth of their website.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Jim Eadie*, John Lamont*, Mike MacKenzie*, Jamie McGrigor*, Stuart McMillan*, Willie Rennie*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Humza Yousaf*

Reference: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/business/businessBulletin/bb-11/bb-05-20f.htm

Admin Update: You can also read more about this development on the site by MSP Murdo Fraser; http://www.murdofraser.com/?p=580

* All MSP links go to their profile page on the Scottish Parliament website.

This is a complete surprise to us and we would like to thank Murdo Fraser and the other MSPs that have supported this motion.

When we first launched this website, we had 2 main objectives, keep the local community up to date with developments in Lochgelly, and only use Open Source software, that is easy to install and use for a website, as a showcase of what can be achieved by individuals, non profits and businesses that want an online presence with a minimum of costs attached.

In the first couple of months, myself and Terry were very surprised at how popular the site was becoming in such a short time, we then expanded and formalised our Social Objectives to turn the site into an online community platform, for others to raise their issues of concern, provide feedback on local developments, and create their own articles.

We received a lot of support from the local community, and without that support, the site wouldn’t have developed into what it is today, so we are eternally grateful for all the support you have given this project.

This eventually led to us receiving a Better Net Award from Scotland Unltd and Nominet Trust, which has allowed us to purchase computing equipment and a digital camera for our volunteers to use. The award also provided funding for advertising and one issue of a community magazine, which we are hoping will get enough interest and support for a regular magazine to be published.

In all honesty, we never thought the site would be as popular as it was, and we never imagined when first setting up the site we would receive a Better Net Award, publish a magazine, and then get a mention in Parliament, and it was only possible through the support we’ve received from Lochgelly, and from the volunteers, and those that contribute their time and skills to develop Open Source software and scripts, thanks 😉

We will be adding a credits page shortly, to thank everyone involved.

Remember anyone can register an account and start publishing their own articles, so please join and share your views on Lochgelly and local developments. As always, if we can improve this site for you, let us know, we welcome all feedback whether positive or negative (it is the only way we can learn and make improvements to the site and group).

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