Over the past week we have been building a new website that will hopefully generate money for the community magazine. Ideally, if the website makes enough money, we can remove all advertising from the magazine, keeping the magazine ad free with more content about the local area.

For those of us that follow us on Twitter, you may have already seen our online store which is selling prints of some of our best photographs. The site is still in the early stages of development and only has 35 images ready for printing. We will be adding to the site on a daily basis to provide more prints of the local area, Fife and Scotland.

Web site screenshot

The site is titled; Loch of Shining Waters and is available at: http://prints.lochgelly.org.uk

Ordering prints online, made easy

The site has partnered with FotoMoto to make ordering the prints online a very simple process. You can choose a range of sizes, type of paper or canvas to print on, you can even order any of the images as postcards or cards.

Ordering Screen

All credit card details are processed on a secure (https) page, and handled by FotoMoto. We do not store any information on our customers.

We have added the ability to send any of the images as E-cards for free, and any of our content can be shared on Social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

People can rate the images and also leave feedback on the images or service they have received, and all the service is covered by a 30 day refund policy (excluding shipping costs)

Special Promotional Offer

To launch the store we have a special limited giveaway on our products. When ordering use one of the codes below for a special discount


The first 10 people to use the code above, will only have to pay for the delivery charge and the actual cost of the print. We do not make any profit from sales using the above code. This covers premium prints, canvas prints, fine art prints, cards & postcards.


The first 20 people to use the above code will qualify for a 75% discount on all our premium prints.


The first 20 people to use the above code will qualify for a 50% discount on all our premium prints.

Further Information

Laslty, as part of our Social Objectives “To only use Open Source technologies to develop this website and use this website as a showcase as to what can be achieved through Open Source technologies for any online project.” we are proud that we have completed the store using freely available software.

If you would like to know how we created the site, you can view our Forum post detailing the steps we took to complete the site. Anyone wanting to attempt building their own print store or Photoblog, please post in the forum and we will provide help and support.

Laslty, if there is anyone from the Lochgelly area that would like a print of any our images, please contact us, as we have a UK supplier which provides a cheaper delivery service, so we can offer people from Lochgelly, prints at a much cheaper price than what is listed on our store.

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