As some of you may already know, Lochgelly Albert have relaunched a new website for the fans and local community to connect with the club. The site is available at:

The new site is much larger than their previous site and is packed with new features and a wide variety of information about the club and players, both past and present.

Lochgelly Albert JFC

With their new site you can now keep track of:

  • All the latest news
  • Fixtures & League Tables
  • Player Profiles
  • Club History, Honours & Officials
  • Comments from the manager
  • Ticket Information
  • Events, Noticeboards, Photographs, Videos, Supporters and Downloads

This is just a fraction of the features available on the site.

Support the Club

You can also help support the Lochgelly Albert JFC by purchasing team memorabilia such as a variety of team clothing, DVDs, and Pin Badges from the Club Shop .

Alternatively, if you shop online at Amazon, Early Learning Centre, or Marks & Spencers, you can earn money for the Lochgelly Albert JFC by using their affiliate links located at: Our Shop. If you visit that page, you will then be able to go direct to the online shop of your choice, and every purchase you make will generate some money for the club.

Social Networking

The site is also tapping into various social networks, so fans can stay in touch with the club much easier, and get a more personalised experience beyond the site. Lochgelly Albert JFC is now available on the following networks:

Technical Aspects

As we are committed to providing information on technologies, I had a look at the technical aspects of the site. Firstly, I tested the site for safety and privacy issues and rated on the Web of Trust accordingly.

Privacy: The site doesn’t set any cookies and does not use any 3rd party trackers/beacons/bugs. While not all cookies are bad, 3rd party trackers I view as being a breach to users privacy, as they can track your browsing habits across sites, with the information collected to deliver you relevant ads or sold to marketing agencies. It is nice to see that the site has declined to use any 3rd party tracker scripts. Privacy has been rated high by myself on WOT.

Safety: For safety issues, I check with 3rd party sites such as and Both these sites automatically check with online virus scanners and blacklists. Both URLVoid and VirusTotal return the site as clean which I expected anyway, so safety has been rated high.

Vendor Reliability & Trustworthiness: This category was easy to rate, not only are all the contact details available through the website, the team is well known in the local area, so reliability and trustworthiness has been rated high.

From a safety standpoint, the site passes all my tests and I have happily rated green on their WOT Scorecard;

The site still needs more ratings, so any WOT users please check the site and give your rating.

Lastly I automatically checked the site using for browser compatibility issues and happy to report that the site degraded well across the many browsers available running on a variety of Operating Systems, so accessibility is not an issue.

Support your local team

Overall the site is a safe and rewarding experience for the users, as it is now packed with much more information, regularly updated and uses a variety of social networks to connect with their users and fan base. The site also allows you to make a contribution to the team, both directly and indirectly.

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