The Lochgelly Community Development Forum (LCDF) this week has just launched their own website using Open Source technologies in the form of WordPress, which also powers the Lochgelly site.

The site is still in the early stages of development, but will provide the members and the volunteers of the LCDF another medium in which they can stay connected with the local community and keep everyone up to date of all their activities.

Lochgelly Community Development Forum
LCDF - Website Screenshot

The site is fully interactive allowing you to register on the site, subscribe to their articles and selected media using RSS. The site also allows you to leave comments and feedback and provides a forum area so you can easily raise any local issues of concern. The site also provides downloadble versions of the Voice newsletter and details further information about the group and the activities they are involved in.

All the information available on the site can also be accessed by visiting the regeneration office in Bank Street. People are encouraged to visit the site or drop into the regeneration office and speak to one of the members if they have any local concerns, or would like further information about local developments.

Visit Site:

Open Source Solutions

The LCDF made a sensible choice in both utilising Open Source and for making that choice WordPress. One of the best aspects of WordPress is the ease of use from a non technical stand point, and also that it can be used as a Mini-CMS system.

More non-profits are seeing the value in using Open Source software and using WordPress to power their websites, due to the ease of use and also the wide ranging functionality available.

If you want to learn more about Open Source and how you can easily create your own website please view our online tutorials.

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