The Community Council is currently in limbo after the last meeting held on the 10th of November failed to choose postions for the Community Councillors.

The meeting was temporarily chaired by Fiona Forbes, the Fife Council Regeneration Manager for Lochgelly and Cowdenbeath while the Community Councillors nominated and voted for a Chairperson to serve the Community Council.

Councillor Ernest McPherson and Councillor Eileen McKenna were both nominated and seconded to serve as Chairperson, which meant that the role went to a vote.

The votes were tied, with both councillors receiving 7 votes each which meant that the meeting had to be disbanded and reorganised for a later date to try and elect a Chairperson.

Without a Chairperson, the Community Council were then unable to elect roles for Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

There has been no announcement when this meeting will take place but we will try to keep the local community informed when it is due to be scheduled.

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We have been told that Councillor Jerry Jervis will have to stand down from the Community Council due to health reasons, and our thoughts are with him and his family. Councillor Jerry Jervis has been a long standing member of the Community Council since it’s inception which we are led to believe started in 1975.

Due to this turn of events, previous Councillor Alan Gardiner, may be co-opted back into the Community Council after the roles have been formally chosen for the other Community Councillors.

Future of the Community Council

Even though the Community Council has currently no Office Bearer roles at the moment, we are hoping that once selected, the Community Council will adapt new strategies and be more proactive in keeping the local community informed of their activities.

We have been running a poll on the site, which we are now closing (results below), to give the new look Community Council a chance to repair their reputation within the local community.

Do you feel that the Community Council is doing all that it can to notify the public of its activities and how they represent your views?

  • No (39%, 28 Votes)
  • What is the Community Council? (30%, 21 Votes)
  • Not Sure (24%, 17 Votes)
  • Yes (7%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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Out of all the votes counted, only 7% of the voters felt that the Community Council is doing all it can to notify the public of its activities and representing the local community views. 30% of the voters are unaware of what the Community Council is, 24% were unsure, and a staggering 39% did not feel that their views were being represented, or that the Community Council does all that it can to keep the public better informed.

We recently published an article comparing the differences between the Lochgelly Community Council and Kinghorn Community Council in keeping their local communities up to date. We also provided a range of free steps that can be taken by the Community Council to achieve keeping the local community better informed. These tips were also produced in line with the Community Council guidelines on Best Practices, as set by the Association of Scottish Community Councils, and can be viewed at:

We hope that the new term of Community Councillors will take the results on board and implement steps to better inform the local community of their activities and raising issues of local concern.

If you have any suggestions for the Community Council, why not leave your feedback below.

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  1. Lochgelly

    November 12, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    The following comment was posted by Community Councillor Jon Magee on the Facebook Fan Page and we feel that it should be added to the main site so those that do not access facebook or our fan page can follow the conversation:
    Can I give some input ito normal procedures. When elections are called in every level of society there is a procedure to ensure that the day to day works continue. For example, when a genearl election is called hrough out the campaign there… are NO MP’s as they have all resigned to ensure all campaign on a levl playing field, BUT all members of the cabinet continue to hold cabinet posts till the results of the election are clarified. A similar situation continues with Scottish parliament etc.

    Therefore, for the sake of clarification though we had no community Councillors from the time of the election being called the office bearers constitutionally continue in place untill the situation is clarified. So, there is still a Chair person, a Secretary and a treasurer, who are the office bearers. This ensures that the day to day work of supporting the community continues.

    Do please remember that the community council do continue to hold a meeting each month at a regular venue which is open for the public to be present. This has been intimated in the past. It used to be in the Town hall, but only made one move (to the oak, its current location) as has been indicated already in “Loch of Shining waters”. It is an open invitation for attendance, and all will be welcome, indeed this is perhaps the best way for those concerned to see for themselves rather than depending on the 3rd hand information of others. The regular meeting will be always held on the 2nd wednesday of the month, the next being 8th December.

    I hope this brings some clarification


  2. Helen Kane

    November 13, 2010 at 7:22 am

    For those of us who for one reason or another are unable to attend the meetings, or indeed, may not want to, but still want to hear regular news from our community council, perhaps they can consider publishing a newsletter every month or have a page online. After all, when I am listening to the news on TV, radio, online, or reading a newspaper, I am still taking an interest in what is happening around me. The news presented through these means are what we all rely on, and the majority of news items are delivered to us by the ‘3rd hand information of others’. I still feel that the term should be ‘2nd hand’. 1st hand, I was there, 2nd hand I was not, 3rd hand to infinity and beyond? Anyway lets not argue about semantics 😉 Publish a newsleter, problem solved.


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