Adding content to WordPress is very simple, as it uses a user interface that most people will recognise, especially if you are familiar with using word processing packages.

When adding content there is two distinct features in WordPress that will decide in where you add your content, and this is Post and Pages. The easiest way to describe pages, is basically content on your site that is very rarely changed,k such as a contact page, an About Us page, etc.

Posts is content that is usually published through the one page and is split into categories so it is easier to find relevant and related content.

If we take a look at this site we use posts on the Home Page, anytime a new article is created, it automatically appears on the home page. Articles can be browsed through this page, or by using the categories listings.

Below is a good tutorial video on how to create static pages for your WordPress website:

The video below describes on how to add posts:

WordPress is very easy to manage and add new content and I recommend that you read through our other tutorials. If you need any help with managing a WordPress site or anything else WordPress related please use the comments below.

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