The election for the Community Councillors has now been called and some members from the Lochgelly community have elected the following representatives;

  • Linda W Erskine – 6 Haggis Ha’
  • Henry J Haddow – 12 Lindsay Place
  • David Hempseed – 51 Auchterderran Road
  • Jerry Jarvis – 134 Paul Street
  • George Kinnell – 6 Ballingry Street
  • Jane McDonald – 11 Fraser Drive
  • Jonathon Magee – 42 Paul Street
  • Christine McGrath – 20 Lumphinnans Road
  • Eileen McKenna – 24 Andrew Street
  • Ernest McPherson – Easter Cartmore Farm
  • Robert Millar – 5 Mid Street
  • Steven Murray – 47 Small Street
  • Helen Ross – 8 Johnstone Crescent
  • Brian Schulz – 13 Paxton Crescent
  • Alexander Sharp – 106 Cartmore Road

The position of Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary will be voted into position by the Community Councillors at the next meeting to be held at the Royal Oak Community Club (The Phoenix) on Wednesday 10th November at 7pm.

Outgoing Community Councillors

Community Councillor, Duncan McMahon stepped down from the Community Council just before the election, and I am sure he will be missed. Duncan has been a long serving member of the Community Council, as well as being responsible for the creation and development of several not for profits in the local area, including the charity Subliminal Directions which provided access to recording studio facilities, photography studio access and a multimedia centre to help train socially excluded youths from the local area.

Alan Gardner has failed to secure enough votes to serve another term on the Community Council, as well as being active in the Community Council, Alan was also very active in the local community, volunteering for other local non profits. We are sure Alan will continue to serve the local community in a range of roles and capacities.

Other Community Council News

Jerry Jarvis was re-elected and has served on the Community Council since it first began. However, it is with much sadness that we report he has been admitted to hospital. We have been told he is still in the hospital but is recovering. Our thoughts and wishes are with his family at this time.


We wish all the Community Councillors a successful term and hope the Community Council, with a fresh start, will begin to promote the good work they do more effectively in the local community.

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