Everyone should have received their ballot paper for the Community Council Election for Thursday 14th October. You must return your ballot paper and have it received by the Returning Officer by 4pm for your vote to count.

Linda W Erskine – 6 Haggis Ha’
It has been an honour to serve as a Lochgelly Community Councillor and I seek your support to continue for another term. I hope, with your support, we can pursue the needs and aspirations of the many citizens of Lochgelly rather than the self interests of a few.
Allan Gardiner – 26 Gardiner Street
I take an active interest in my local community, attending meetings and doing other voluntary work, for the benefit of my local community. I enjoy most things to do with the environment and nature including recycling.
Henry J Haddow – 12 Lindsay Place
I enjoy being part of the Lochgelly Community Council, so I can be part of the improvements in my work sector, the planning and police issues that come before us, and I always do my best to fulfill my duties.
David Hempseed – 51 Auchterderran Road
I have served the Community Council for approx 15 years plus, have been the Vice-Chair for the past few years. I enjoy helping the people and the whole community and hope to carry on doing the same if re-elected.
Jerry Jarvis – 134 Paul Street
Served the Lochgelly public for over 50 years; Teaching first aid, Old Folks Reunion, CAB, Old Peoples Welfare, Earl Haig Committee, Lochgelly Regeneration and Lochgelly Community Council. JP, Dunfermline Burgh Court for many years. My aim is to keep Lochgelly moving forward and keeping up the high standards for the people of the town.
George Kinnell – 6 Ballingry Street
I have been attending your meetings for over one year. In that time I have become very interested and impressed in the work of the Community Council has done. Therefore I would like to take the step forward to help make our community an even better place to live in.
Jane McDonald – 11 Fraser Drive
I am seeking the support of the Lochgelly residents to be elected to the Community Council. I will always work to improve our town and to make Lochgelly a nice place to live and work, and to raise families in a safe and caring environment.
Jonathon Magee – 42 Paul Street
It has been an honour to be able to serve the people of Lochgelly and find ways of advancing the town. Lochgelly is at a crucial time as it moves forward and I am looking forward to being a part of the Community Council that has much to offer for the future.
Christine McGrath – 20 Lumphinnans Road
I have enjoyed being a Community Councillor for the past 3 years and hope for your support to carry on. I am involved with several groups including the Credit Union and would work hard for Lochgelly to benefit the community.
Eileen McKenna – 24 Andrew Street
I was born and raised in Lochgelly. I have been an elected member of the Community Council for a number of years. At present I am Chairperson of the Local Development Forum, also Treasurer of Lochgelly Women’s Social Group. I believe becoming involved in the decision making process on local issues can make our community better and stronger.
Ernest McPherson – Easter Cartmore Farm
As Chairman I always have the interest of the people of the community at heart. Vice-president of the Old Folks Reunion we have a summer drive and Christmas dinner for the over 70s. I have been involved in the regeneration of Lochgelly, we must keep the spirit of the community alive.
Robert Millar – 5 Mid Street
Having served on the Community Council for a few years. I enjoy working for the people and progressing the regeneration of the town. There is still a lot of work to be done and I would like to be taking part. A new look centre, a new retail unit, business centre, new housing to regenerate the community.
Steven Murray – 47 Small Street
If elected I will continue to represent the electorate with honesty and integrity. The Community Council has a pivotal role in planning, development and regeneration of our area. Community engagement is key to ensure that the changes coming to our town will be reflective of what we need offering security and sustainability for us all.
Helen Ross – 8 Johnstone Crescent
Over the past twenty years I have been an active Committee member of various charitable groups within Lochgelly. I believe my experience working within the community will be beneficial to the Community Council, with much needed local knowledge of the people and their needs.
Brian Schulz – 13 Paxton Crescent
Living and having worked in Lochgelly has given me valuable insight into the positives about Lochgelly. I am also able to recognise its many needs. I have served on the Community Council and I seek re-election in order to assist in the further progress of the community of Lochgelly.
Alexander Sharp – 106 Cartmore Road
Having been involved in local affairs for over 45 years Councillor, Magistrate, Provost and local Government. Also national affairs with Planning, COSLA, National Housing and Town Planning in the UK – 35 years. 1999-2009 Secretary of Lochgelly Community Council dealing with all the local community problems. I enjoy the work and hope over the years I have contributed some to the locality.

So this is this years nominations for the Lochgelly Community Council. Ballot papers must be returned by the 14th of October, no later than 4pm to the Returning Officer.

If you haven’t received your Ballot papers please contact the Returning Officer (Lind Purdie) 08451 555 555 ext. 442 175 or email Linda.Purdie@fife.gov.uk

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One Comment

  1. Jessie Mc.

    October 11, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Whilst I have every respect for some members of the Community Council, I feel that they have overall lost touch with the people of Lochgelly. I would like to see more openess about what they do, what decisions they make on behalf of Lochgelly residents. Do they have a website, produce a newsletter, do they publicise their meetings, anything at all to let us know they even exist? Many people don’t know about the Community Council, or what they do. What do they do? I would like the Community Council to communicate better with the residents of Lochgelly, and not just a ballot paper when they happen to need votes. Give us more (or any) information please!


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