If you have followed the previous 2 articles on purchasing a domain name and web hosting, we are now ready to get a website online. We will be focusing this article on installing an Open Source script WordPress. WordPress is originally a blogging software to power a website, but as it has advanced, it has turned into a mini CMS (Content Management System).

The reason we are focusing on WordPress is for the ease of use, no technical knowledge is required and creating content is very simple, adding features is even simpler. Basically if you can use Word Processor software such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice, then you can use WordPress to manage your website and keep it up to date.

Installing WordPress

If you have followed my previous advice and registered your Web Hosting through HostPapa, or with any other host which has Fantastico installed, then installing WordPress is extremely simple, and if you don’t have access to Fantastico, installing WordPress is still very simple.

Using Fantastico to install WordPress

  1. Login to your web hosting Control Panel, once logged in click on Fantastico
  2. On the left hand side of Fantastico, there is a list of scripts that can be installed on your server. Look for WordPess and click on the link
  3. Once the new page loads, you will be given an overview of WordPress, look for the link that says “New Installation” and click on the link
  4. You will now have a range of options, under the Installation location > Install on Domain, select your domain name. Leave the Install in directory blank.
  5. Under Admin access data, type in a username and password to access the control panel of your WordPress site.
  6. Under Base Configuration, type in an admin nickname for yourself, an admin email address (your own), a Site Name and a description of the site.
  7. Click on Install WordPress

Once installed you will be presented another screen which gives you information on how to make a backup etc. copy this and keep it for your own records. You can now visit your domain and you will have your site online and ready to be configured. To configure your website login to the site using the username and password you chose in Step 5.

Manually Installing WordPress
If you dont have access to Fantastico in your Web Hosting Control Panel, that isn’t a problem as WordPress has been designed for ease of use in all aspects including installation. To manually install WordPress the steps are:

  1. Download and install some FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sotware. Windows users can use FileZilla, and Mac users can use OneButton FTP, both are free.
  2. Configure your FTP software to access your web host. You should have been given FTP details when you first registered your web space, if not it will be available within your Control Panel.
  3. Visit www.wordpress.org and download the latest version to your computer.
  4. Once downloaded you will need to extract the files using software such as WInZip or WinRar (Windows), or Self Extractor (MAC)
  5. Log back into your web hosting control panel and look for the option of creating a MySQL database. Create your database and keep a note of the details.
  6. Browse to your WordPress folder and look for the file wp-config-sample.php, rename this to wp-config.php
  7. Open up wp-config.php in a text editor and add your MySQL database details.
    • Database Name: Insert the name you gave your database
    • Database Username: Insert the username used to access the database
    • Database Password: Insert the password used to access the database
    • Database Host: Insert the hostname of your database, usually this is localhost or an IP address
    • Save your changes
  8. Open up your FTP software and connect to your webspace.
  9. Open the WordPress folder and drag all the files and folders into the FTP software and begin uploading to your server.
  10. Once uploaded to your server visit your domain specifically http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/install.php
  11. Follow the onscreen instructions, and you now have a website up and running.

You can now login to your site and configure the look, features and add content to your site. I will cover this more in-depth in a later article.

Help and Support

If you need help with installing WordPress or using WordPress to power your website, I am available in the forums to try and help with any problems you have, or you can post in the comments below.

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