We have been forwarded an interesting email with regards to Lomond Homes by the Historic Falkland Action Group. For regular visitors to the site, Lomond Homes have been featured on the site before, and most recently with regards to the New Farm Vale Development.

The latest article on Lomond Homes published by Councillor Mark Hood, caused much debate and also referenced, within the comments, the actions of Lomond Homes in Falkland with the destruction of a historical wall.

The Historical Falkland Action Group are looking to hear from anyone with experience of Lomond Homes to get in touch as they wish to make a public record of Lomond Homes practices available online. The email has been reproduced in full below:


You may have recently seen information in the media regarding a ‘challenging’ situation in Falkland where Lomond Group appear to have attempted to ‘manipulate’ Fife Council to their own ends. Members of the local community in Falkland, have formed an Action Group to try to stop the demolition of some of our historical buildings in the village.

Through contact with various people whilst petitioning against Lomond, we have learnt of various other developments within Fife where Lomond appear to have caused other communities similar heartache.

We would like to offer any support we can to other communities by sharing experiences.

We have put together a webpage that gives the full history of our situation including last Sunday’s article in the Herald that indicates the type of company we are dealing with.


Email: hfag@falkland.myzen.co.uk

We would like to hear from any other communities with similar stories. We feel all evidence about the way this company works needs to be in the public domain.

Please can you forward any information you would like to share, or give me a call if you would like to discuss anything in person.
We hope that with communities working together and supporting one another, no other community will have to be subjected to the treatment the people of Falkland are having to deal with now.

Thanks and Regards,

Davina Philp,
Member of Historic Falkland Action Group
Tel:01337 858455

If you have any information you would like to share with the Historical Falkland Action Group, please contact them using the details contained in the message above or post your comments below. We will make the group aware of the existing posts on the site.

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