The winner of the Carbuncle Award has been announced, and the winner of this award was John O Groats which managed to beat the other contenders which were; Lochgelly, East Kilbride, Inverness and Denny.

John O Groats has been given the Plook on the Plinth prize with the reason;

Home to Britain’s most northerly derelict building, this windswept outpost was marked down by our judges for its reliance upon tourist tat and its over-commercialisation, evidenced most prominently by the famous John o’ Groats signpost.

“Surrounded by a clutter of timber huts, caravans, Portakabins and untended landscaping, its fingers should point to the North Pole, London, New York and so forth, but instead one enterprising local ‘photographer’ sticks two up at passing tourists by affixing the missing signage for an £18 fee.

John O Groats residents believe this will be the last year that they will be considered for the award, with plans in place to build 16 eco-friendly lodges and a refurbished visitor centre to replace the run down landmark that is the John O Groats hotel.

The Lochgelly Carbuncle

Lochgelly was in the running for the Carbuncle because of the derelict state of the Lochgelly Centre, however work has begun on demolishing the centre as part of the regeneration process, which is intended to be rebuilt. Once rebuilt the Lochgelly Centre will possibly be the home of the Fife Council Local Office and the Lochgelly Library.

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The front end and back-end of the building is almost completely demolished and we believe that the theatre is remaining, as is, with a new attachment located where the front of the building used to exist.

Since the closure of the Lochgelly Centre, residents have lost access to many facilities in an already deprived area for lack of activities on offer. The plans are expected to be completed in 2011, and residents will just have to continue to access the facilities in other towns for activities for families, education and sport.

The return of the Lochgelly Centre will be most welcomed by those that have felt the loss of activities offered in Lochgelly.

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