With our recent Better Net Award from Scotland Unltd and Nominet Trust we are progressing the site to make this site more open to the Lochgelly community to share your news and views on any local stories, issues, or anything else you would like to share with the local community.

One way to achieve this is to upgrade our existing member accounts to Contributor Accounts. This upgrade will allow our registered members to create articles for the site that will appear on the main page. All registered members will receive an e-mail shortly notifying them of their account upgrade.

We have created a video guide below on how to use WordPress as a Contributor to create your own content for the Lochgelly community (please view full screen to see how to use a Contributor account for writing articles)

Needing Help?

If you are needing help we have 2 administrators and a small group of volunteers that will be more than happy to help with any of your queries and problems with using the site.

If you do require help please post on the forum, as others may be able to find a solution to their problem there. Also you can ask a question or see if there is a solution on our FAQ page. Also please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help in using the site.

We will soon be purchasing laptops as part of our Funding Award, so we will soon be able to provide on location training to individuals that require further training. As soon as this option is available we will make a post and let everyone know.

General Guidelines

If you choose to write an article for the Lochgelly community via this site, there is some general rules that you must follow for your article to be accepted.

  1. Any article you write must be suitable to view by all age ranges and must not promote violence, hate, contain content of a sexual nature, etc.
  2. While the majority of the site is about Lochgelly, if you want to review a book, a film, a local event in the surrounding areas, promote a cause close to your heart, that is no problem, this site is intended to cater to a wide range of tastes and diversity of opinions. All we ask is that you do try to write something about Lochgelly every so often.
  3. If you are including external links to other sites, we will be checking them to ensure they are rated green by WOT (Web of Trust) – www.mywot.com. Sites rated red or yellow will not be accepted. Grey sites may be accepted after being tested on www.urlvoid.com or by any testing conducted by the community of www.mywot.com
  4. We do not allow spamming, if we feel that an article is spammy we will give the user a chance to rectify this, if there is repeated attempts to create spammy articles by a user we will downgrade, delete or block the associated account.
  5. Protect Your Personal Data by not posting Personally Identifiable Data about yourself (or others)
  6. Lastly, we prefer that everything is released under the same Creative Commons License which we use for this site, giving everyone the right to reuse, modify and distribute content on a not for profit basis only. However if you create an article which you wish to retain copyright, please just add a copyright notice to the end of your article such as Copyright 2010 – username

All articles need to be approved by one of the admins before being “live”, we will strive to publish your article within a 24 hour period. If for any reason we cannot publish your article we will let you know the reasons why, and suggest some changes to make the article acceptable.

Other than that, please just use common sense when creating an article, and if you do need any help, just ask us and we will guide you through any issues you have with using the site.

We hope you will take part and enjoy using this site. If you want to leave any feedback or have any suggestions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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