Well, I have just left the Co-op and felt as though I’ve been mugged (again). It seems every visit to the Co-op there is another price hike on their goods. Maybe there just worried that their profits are going to be hit by the small store (that nobody wants) and therefore they wish to make as much profit from the local community before they get some serious competition.

Some prime examples include the favourite local drink, Buckfast which is available at the Co-op for £7.99 but still available elsewhere for £5.79. 12 sachets of Felix cat food, a mere £2.99 at David Sands yet the Co-op feel adding another £1 to that product is value for money (for them anyway), while they punt their own brand at £2.99. 79p for a tin of Heinz beans that can be bought elsewhere for 49p. Honey products in the Co-op, can be bought for up to £2 cheaper in Cowdenbeath and we challenge everybody to try and purchase a loaf of bread that doesn’t go stale before you even get out of the shop.

This inequality on pricing extends throughout the whole store for a majority of their products and with the Co-op you usually only get a basket full of items at a very high price. For example take £30 to the Co-op and you can probably get enough food to feed a family of 2 adults and 2 kids for 1-2 days. Whereas go shopping in Cowdenbeath with £30 you can purchase several bags of food that should at least last 5 days if not a full week.

Don’t get me wrong there is still some good bargains on offer at the Co-op but I’ve usually found that the majority of the bargains are exactly the same as their local competitors. Also I am quite surprised that as a medium sized store their range of products is actually very small.

Looking at DooYoo for reviews on the Co-op it seems this is a problem with many of their stores with the general gist being “overpriced, but ok for the essentials”. Some reviews include:

some of the products are very over priced and we try to only use the Co-op for bits and bobs that we need, we would not do a full shop there because of the price

I find their prices are sky high compared to other supermarkets and they often don’t enough choice or product range for me to a full shop there.

Another important factor is price. co-op fails here.

The main thing with the Co-Op is that they are quite a lot more expensive than the other supermarkets on basic foods and I don’t think a family could afford to do a weekly shop there very easily.

Not happy with the prices charged at Co op and therefore try to avoid it as much as I can

Its almost like they know they are so expensive that people only use them as an emergency store……..How are we meant to support local when they dont support us?

can I find a loaf of bread that lasts more than a day? Very rarely

The prices are just too high. The ranges are not very varied.

So that is a small section of reviews we found on other Co-ops which seems to sum up the Lochgelly Co-op as well. If you wish to read more reviews, you can view them at: http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/offline-shopping-misc/co-op/reviews/

Some will argue that at least the Co-op is an ethical brand and stand for local communities. The latter may have been true at one point but I do not believe it is now. As for being ethical, we are currently writing an article that by association with the other products they stock, with less than ethical standards, cancels any good they are doing.

So what do you think of our local Co-op, is it value for money? Do you feel they provide a valuable shopping resource for the local community? If you want to leave any feedback or make any comment, please do so below.

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One Comment

  1. Shopper

    August 20, 2010 at 8:16 am

    Totally agree with the prices, way too high. Maybe they need to keep the prices up so they can pay their staff to stand around talking while a massive queue forms at the one open checkout?


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