A video of the Lochgelly War Memorial being unveiled on the 3rd December 1924 by Sir Ralph Anstruther and Mrs Mary Hynes, has been published online by the Scottish Screen Archive and is available at: http://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=0966

The video is 9 minutes and 15 seconds in length and shows a fascinating insight into the community life of Lochgelly in 1924. Unfortunately there is no sound for the film, so speeches cannot be heard, but the film like all silent movies does have some transcription, describing the event. The Scottish Screen Archive has also provided a shot list of the film with descriptions. To view the video please visit: http://ssa.nls.uk/film.cfm?fid=0966

The video, like many of the others featuring Lochgelly, was commissioned by Tommy Timmons, the proprietor of Cinema de Luxe, where the FFDR company now works from.

The video is available to buy for personal use through the Scottish Screen Archive, or you can browse through their online catalogue to view other films available.

Lochgelly on Scottish Screen Archive

We have looked through the Scottish Screen Archive and provided links to all the videos published online we could find about Lochgelly (all links open in the same window):

Search results for Lochgelly on the Scottish Screen Archive can be viewed at: SSA – Lochgelly Search – 12 results (includes published videos and details of videos available to buy but still to be published on the site)

Lochgelly Memories

We did a quick search on Tommy Timmons to try and provide a more in depth profile of him, and the Cinema de Luxe, but information was lacking. However one site, which we have viewed many times before is Lochgelly Memories. Lochgelly Memories is a local site created by Ian Fraser who started work as a reporter for the Lochgelly Times and then moved on to other paper journals.

The site is very well listed in Google and has had great response from people all around the world that are ex-pats or have been trying to trace their roots and connections with Lochgelly. The site is non commercial and is developed by Ian Fraser in his spare time and we feel this site is the most valuable and in-depth site dealing with the history of Lochgelly and allowing local people, and ex-pats to share their memories of Lochgelly.

If you are interested in the heritage of Lochgelly please visit: http://lochgelly3.tripod.com/index.html


We have decided to keep comments closed on this article as we feel If you have any memories of Lochgelly that you wish to share, they should be sent to Ian Fraser to be displayed on the Lochgelly Memories site (His e-mail contact details are available by following the link) as he has already created an excellent resource dealing with memories of the local area, and we have no wish to compete with this useful non commercial site.

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