As some of you may have noticed, we have added a couple of new logos to our site, from Scotlland Unltd and Nominet Trust. We have been really itching to share with our users, why we are displaying the logos, and what it means for the development of the site.

To start at the beginning, a few months ago we applied for a Better Net Award and we were notified on the 22nd of June that our application was successful. However we were not allowed to mention anything about it until the 26th of July, as Scotland Unltd likes to make their own announcement first.

So we are very happy to announce the successful bid for the Better Net Award and are looking to the exciting developments that this will entail. But first thing first what is a Better Net Award? If we look at the Unltd website they state that

The Better Net Awards is an exciting new programme from UnLtd and Nominet Trust to provide individuals with funding and support to improve and encourage the development of a safe, educational and inclusive Internet.

The award comes from Nominet Trust but is managed by Scotland Unltd. More details can be found at:

Scotland Unltd

unltd logoUnLtd is a charitable organisation set up by seven leading organisations that promote social entrepreneurship. UnLtd – the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs – wants to support and develop the role of social entrepreneurs as a force for positive change in the United Kingdom.

Visit Site:

Nominet Trust

Nominet Trust LogoWe are a UK registered charity founded to provide support to organisations and projects working to increase access to the internet, online safety and education, and who apply an innovative use of the internet for achieving our charitable objectives.

We were founded in 2008 by Nominet with start up funding of £5m. Nominet maintains the .uk register of domain names and is one of the world’s leading Internet registries. Nominet’s vision is of a world where the Internet is a trusted space, which everyone can be part of and has a positive impact on people’s lives. Nominet Trust works independently of Nominet to realise this vision.

Visit Site:

Why we applied

In short we applied because we already run the site on a not for profit basis looking towards sustainability, provide educational resources, and promote social inclusion for the locality. We also had some ideas that would have never been realised without some form of investment and we are very grateful that we have received this award.

Current & Future Development

Since winning this award we have not been able to post as often as we would like, as we have started work on policies for volunteers and coming up with a list of educational articles and videos, which will be posted shortly.

We have been given money for a digital camera which we will be allowing others to borrow, so people can capture their own images of Lochgelly and share on this site. We have also recieved money for educational materials, which we will be creating a range of workshops and online tutorials for using the Internet safely, securing your PC, and utilising Open Source to manage your own website (or contribute to this one).

We are also purchasing 2 laptops so we can provide on location training to other non profits that would like to contribute to this site, and to be able to give training to individuals that would like to volunteer for the site.

Lastly we have been given money to advertise the site and the one we are most looking forward to is the publication of a 12 page gloss magazine later in the year. This will be a free magazine for the local community. We only have the funding for 1 magazine, so we will be allowing 2 pages for advertising as we would like to publish a free magazine on a quarterly basis, so hopefully we can raise enough funds to keep the magazine going.

Thank you everyone

We would like to thank all our users and contributors for helping make this site popular and making it worthwhile and enjoyable to develop. Remember this site is for the people of Lochgelly, so if you can think of anything you would like added to improve the site, please let us know. by contacting us, or leave feedback below or in the forum.

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