This is a very quick post to update the Lochgelly community on the status of the Supermarket with Petrol Station to be located at the WeatherMac site.

There has been a few rumours that the company (McDonald Estates) that will be responsible for the Supermarket and Petrol Station development will be pulling out from the local area.

This is not true and is only a rumour, McDonald Estates would very much like to build this development and they have stated:

We have not pulled out of Lochgelly. They are concerned that they have had no support from Fife Council officers, who openly prefer the FabTek site.

Fabtek Site

The small store which received a thumbs up from Fife Council and the Lochgelly Charrette has been rejected by the Cowdenbeath Area Comittee, twice, but it is now set to to go to appeal. This appeal will not be looked at by our local councillors, which is a shame, as they have already had the sense to reject these plans based on transportation issues, as well as some other concerns over the proposed plans.

However, because our local councillors have already rejected the plans and gave reasons for the rejection, these will have to be taken into account on any appeal process. We would like to thank the local councillors who objected the plans as it is clear to see that this development is not supported by the local community.

WeatherMac Site

We already know the advantages of the supermarket with petrol station to be located at the WeatherMac site, and common sense and logic dictates that this is the only solution for Lochgelly to retain the “financial leakage” that Fife Council would like to tackle. Unfortunately, we do not know why Fife Council are not supporting this development, especially since:

  • It will create more jobs than the small store proposed
  • Will reduce carbon emissions from cars within the local area, as people from Lochgelly, Benarty and the Bowhill area will have less miles to drive to refill their vehicles
  • The WeatherMac site is already fit for the purpose intended and will mean less traffic impact on our small narrow back streets

Keeping up to date

The local non profit group, the Lochgelly Community Development Forum, are one of the key organisations in keeping up with all the latest planning developments in Lochgelly and have been very proactive in obtaining support for the proposed Supermarket and Petrol Station, so anyone wanting to keep up to date with this development (and others) should contact them on 01592 783 442 or visit their premises (next to Fife Council Local Office) at 30/33 Bank Street, Lochgelly.

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One Comment

  1. E Scott

    July 8, 2010 at 12:27 am

    Why can’t Fife Council see the sense of a supermarket in our town? Personally not having to drive to Dunfermline Asda’s for petrol, shopping etc – may be even the chance of employment in my own town – why must Lochgelly always be the bridesmaid and never the bride?

    It must make sense that is why they are avoiding it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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