Meadows Park Ore BurnOne of our voluntary site admins has been very busy developing a new site for artists, digital artists, and photographers, and we would like to wish them the best of luck in getting the project up and running.

The new venture is another addition to the non profit group, Concepts, which is based locally and provides commercial services in film production, graphic design, web design, photography to support their non profit activities which include; Informal Media Workshops for socially excluded individuals and groups, as well as providing resources for artists.

Latest Project

Their latest project is an online store which sells high quality photographic prints, original art prints, and digital art prints, which is available at

We are currently working with a local photographer and a local artist, selling prints on their behalf, and already have a large catalogue of prints available to buy.

Currently we are also developing a way to allow artists to register on the site and begin selling their artwork, but this is currently in alpha stage of testing and not available on the live site.

We aim to take a small commission, but we can guarantee that it will be a token payment only, as we believe the artist should be the one that profits the most from their creativity

Discounts for Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters, site visitors

Dalia LamaConcepts has generously created a coupon exclusively for users of this site, which entitles them to a £5 discount and free delivery on all orders (usually £5), which gives a total discount of £10. This offer we have been told is available on all products and is available until 30/06/2010.

The only condition is that to take advantage of the coupon offer you must have a registered account with the online store. Payments are processed via PayPal, Cheques or Postal Orders.

To claim the discount, before your order is processed you must enter the term: lochgelly in the apply coupon box. Your discount will be instantly applied before any payment is made.

Coupon: lochgelly

Non Profit Activities

Concepts provide a free online portfolio for artists to exhibit their work online with user controlled galleries, which was officially launched in 2005 after James attended the School for Social Entrepreneurs and received initial funding from Scotland Unltd. The website can be viewed at

The initial idea behind the gallery was to provide artists a completely free resource that they can exhibit online to a potential global audience, since the launch in 2005 the site has went global with artists registering from all over.

The site receives over 100 visitors a day and has provided artists with an excellent resource they can utilise as part of their promotion of their skills without it having to cost them anything. We are very proud of the fact that this resource has remained free and has been sustained by our commercial activities.

In 2005, Concepts in partnership with Subliminal Directions and Crystal Galleries launched the FATE (Fife Artists Together Enterprises) partnership, which has managed to secure several exhibitions including an exhibition in the Czech Republic.

FATE was a natural development between 3 creative groups that all had Art as one of their main focuses, which received initial funding from the Local Regeneration Office and the School for Social Entrepreneurs (Fife School) for the first exhibition.

Since then FATE has went onto to be developed by Concepts and Crystal Galleries due to the closure of Subliminal Directions, and has went from strength to strength. FATE has managed to organise several exhibitions which has featured artists from all over the European Union, artists from Russia and the USA, with excellent news coverage in international media publications and radio.

The latest exhibition is also due to be covered by local Czech Republic television stations, so it is a very busy time for the project co-ordinators and volunteers, but a very exciting project for all those involved.

Information about FATE can be viewed at:

Future Development

We look forward to seeing what other local talent they will be showcasing on the website and will watch their future development with interest.

Other Non Profits

Do you know any other local non profit groups that should be given a mention on the Lochgelly site? Why not leave your suggestions in the comments below and tell us why you think they should get a mention.

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