Recently we published an article about Mossmorran, after we heard through the Community Council that Lochgelly was close to evacuation after a major incident at the Mossmorran complex.

We made a public freedom of information request through the excellent website to Fife Fire and Rescue Services and asked 6 questions that we can publish here. In the reply received there was an attachment file of the Incident Report, this proved more valuable than the actual response, but unfortunately due to Copyright of the material, if we distribute the file without permission they can start legal proceedings against us.

Luckily the file is still available as an attachment to our response at:

The 6 questions we asked and the response we received was:

1) What was the nature of the emergency?
Fire in propane treater vessel

2) How long did the emergency last for?
Time of call 09:09, stop message 18:23, last appliance returned 18:32

3) How many Fire Engines were called to handle the emergency?
3 pumping appliances, 1 Emergency Tender

4) Were evacuation plans considered for Lochgelly or any of the surrounding areas?
Not required as incident was being closely monitored and firefighting measures were adequate.

5) How many Fire Engines were left to cover the rest of Fife in case of a fire emergency during this time?
This varied between 14 and 17 for the duration period of the incident.

6) Did any Firemen sustain any injuries at the emergency?

The fire was reported on 27/03/10

Unfortunately there is 2 sources of conflicting information, 1 source claims it was a major incident and the other claims that there was no cause for concern to the local public. The fact remains though, that no knowledge of the event was publicised locally and surely, we have a right to know anytime there is an incident at Mossmorran, whether minor or major?

We are currently waiting another Freedom of Information request to discover what are the emergency plans for an accident at Mossmorran, and we will continue to publish as much information as we can about any issues concerning Mossmorran that affects the locality.

If you wish to view the Freedom of Information request (or make your own public request) and view the full incident report please visit:

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