Loch GellyWith the Lochgelly Charrette behind us, we have still to find out what impact this process will have on Lochgelly and what proposals suggested by Andres Duany will be implemented into the Mid Fife Local Plan.

From this process we have gathered some information, and the most important thing is that the people of Lochgelly do not recognise the Lochgelly Charrette as a public consultation, We also know the following:

  1. The Lochgelly Golf Course proposals are not supported by the people of Lochgelly or the people of Cowdenbeath.
  2. The proposed small store on the High Street is also not supported and has been widely contested by the local community, with the local community and the wider areas of Ballingry, Crosshill, Lochore, Cardenden and Bowhill in support of a Supermarket with Petrol Station to be located at the WeatherMac site in Lochgelly.

We have already covered these issues in earlier posts, and will probably have to cover them again, once we know how the proposals put forward during the Lochgelly Charrette will be implemented into the Mid Fife Local Plan.

Improving Lochgelly

However, for this post, we want to know what you think about Lochgelly, how it can be improved, what does the area lack, and anything else that you think will help the future positive development of Lochgelly for the benefit of the local area and local community.

  • Do you know of any streets that should be regenerated or demolished and started again?
  • What facilities do you think should be introduced into the local area?
  • What services are lacking in the local area?
  • Is there any facilities or projects that should receive further investment?
  • Do you have any ideas that you think would improve Lochgelly for the local community?

Your opinions count

We want as much as your feedback and suggestions in the comments below as possible, and we only ask that you keep your suggestions constructive. We will then notify the Fife Council planning department of your suggestions and provide them an opportunity to feedback into your suggestions.

We do not share your e-mail address (check our Privacy Policy) and if you are uncomfortable with sharing your name please post under a pseudonym.

Why should I comment?

We often hear from people that Fife Council fail to listen to the views of the community and most opinions are ignored, whether this is true or not, we cannot possibly comment, and we must also remember that Fife Council is limited by procedures and policies.

However this is your opportunity to make your views, opinions and suggestions known publicly and with an average of 2000 visitors per month, this is a perfect opportunity for you to voice your opinions.

We know we have papers visiting our site and I am sure that Fife Council are aware of the site, so your views and opinions will be known publicly.

Please do not use the comments below to critisice Fife Council, as we are more concerned with finding out what people want for the development of the Lochgelly area and wish to keep this post as constructive and positive as possible.

So if you have any suggestions for the improvement of the Lochgelly area, please let us know and share your opinions with our other site visitors.

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  1. duffy

    May 20, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    wats the point it wont make a differense?


  2. Ann Smith

    May 24, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    I would like to see Fife Council listening to and consulting the people of Lochgelly and not just implementing their plans for us…it seems as though Lochgelly is being ‘shut-down’ and turned into a sprawling housing estate with no facilities. Personally I like Lochgelly, it is a relatively safe place to live, there is still some countryside, and please don’t destroy it by building houses on it! The Loch could be turned into a Nature Reserve, with some facilities, i.e. pathways to encourage visitors, a play-area, maybe fishing, etc. We definitely need a Community Centre especially for our children. I would like to see a better choice of shopping areas, Lochgelly seems to be so pricey compared to Cowdenbeath! I would like also to have better access to our Community Council, etc. and have a mutual feed-back system in place. Lochgelly has a lot going for it, despite the negativity it receives, but it does need careful planning to bring it forward and not just all out house building with no facilities… We must also protect our ‘green spaces’ for our children, for wildlife, and we must take into consideration ‘quality of life’ and not just whether a piece of land represents money-making for building upon and to make someone a profit. It is our land!


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