The town of Lochgelly has recently been shortlisted for an award according to the Scotsman. Unfortunately this award is the Carbuncle Award which is awarded to towns under 3 categories.

  • The Plook On The Plinth Award, which is awarded for the most dismal town in Scotland.
  • The Pock Mark Award, which is awarded for the worst planning decision.
  • The Zit Building Award, which is awarded for the worst building.

Last years winner was Glenrothes, so it is nice to know we are managing to keep this award in Fife. Lochgelly is being nominated because it “imparts a funeral air” and other reasons include “The Lochgelly Centre, the heart of the community, lies boarded up waiting redevelopment. Until its replacement is built it leaves the town short of community facilities.”

Carbuncle Awards a Disgrace?

Some people will be shocked and angered by the Carbuncle Awards, however, we feel the awards play a positive and important role, in ensuring towns and cities are given a wake up call and helps make the local community more proactive in taking an interest in the positive development of their local communities.

As it states on the Carbuncle Awards website:

The Carbuncles process has opened the eyes of citizens, leaders, visitors and businesses over the years, most recently in Glenrothes to the raw potential our town’s possess but have yet to harness.

Our Carbuncles team applies extensive research into the history of local areas, tapping into the optimism and hope for a better tomorrow before it dissipates entirely.

Many issues are brought to the fore through the Carbuncles process from private ownership of land to traffic congestion, inappropriate development and poor logistics but by outlining potential futures for our chosen town of 2010 at a specially convened conference we will open the eyes of all participants as to just what potential lies dormant, waiting to be unleashed.

Embarrassed Lochgelly

This nomination will probably be a shock and a source of embarrassment for Fife Council, as they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds, redeveloping Lochgelly and recently took part in the Lochgelly Charrette.

This does however raise questions on why all this money is being spent if it is having little impact on the improvement of the town.

However, with a new build on the Main Street of Lochgelly of Business retail units, due to be completed this year, will be a step in the right direction for providing employment opportunities and the positive development of our town. Also work has begun on the Lochgelly Centre, so of it is awarded the Carbuncle, it will be short lived, and at least Fife Council will be able to show a positive improvement to the locality.

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

Another list that ranks Lochgelly quite high is the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation which provides analysis on areas using 38 indicators across 7 domains which are: Income, Employment, Health, Education, Skills & Training, Housing, Geographic Access, and Crime. This analysis conducted in 2009 has indicated the following:

  • Lochgelly East is in the 5%-10% most deprived areas in Scotland with a rank of 477
    View Map
  • Lochgelly West and Lumphinnans is in the 5%-10% most deprived areas in Scotland with a rank of 507
    View Map
  • Lochgelly West and Lumphinnans is in the 5%-10% most deprived areas in Scotland with a rank of 526
    View Map

Further Reading

To read the original Scotman article please visit:
To view the Index of Multiple Deprivation:
To view the Carbuncle Awards, or make a nomination:

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