Lochgelly Community Development Forum - LogoThe Lochgelly Community Development Forum are holding another meeting for the Lochgelly Gala on the 3rd of June at the regeneration office at 6pm. It is hoped more people will attend this meeting, otherwise Lochgelly may lose the opportunity to have a Gala day due to lack of support.

Volunteers are Needed

Volunteers are desperately needed to make this event a success, and is great for the local community as you will be helping to improve the locality. Volunteer support on the day is currently lacking and if there isn’t enough volunteers the event may not happen, which is a real shame, as the LCDF have already managed to raise funds and obtain support from local businesses and non profits.

Why should I volunteer

Volunteering can make a big difference in the local community and is an important role for any non profit, as this sometimes could be the backbone of any non profit organisation. As well as making a positive contribution to the local area, volunteering can have a positivie impact on your life as well.

Benefits of Volunteering

There is many benefits to volunteering, not only are you helping others you will be helping yourself.

  • Volunteering can give you a whole new set of challenges and is an opportunity to share new experiences with new people. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills that can give you the confidence to face other challenges in your life.
  • Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, that are similar to yourself, all working together on a cause you believe in. Working together to bring change in the local community, allows you to bond with like-minded people, as well as becoming part of a community. You also have the opportunity to meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds, people which you would not normally meet in your day to day life.
  • Volunteering can be fun, especially if you volunteer for a project or event that matches your interest.
  • Early research has indicated their is health benefits attached to volunteering, including; Increased Confidence and Self Esteem, lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, greater functioning ability, than those that do not volunteer.
  • Volunteering can also give you an advantage over other people when applying for work, the TimeBank have done research which indicates:
    • 73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteering experience over one without
    • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills
    • 58% say that voluntary work experience can actually be more valuable than experience gained in paid employment
    • 94% of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted.
  • Volunteering is an ideal way to test all different kinds of work and challenges, while giving you valuable experience, and a stepping stone for future paid employment

Not only is there many benefits attached to volunteering, volunteering can give you the opportunity to network with a variety of people from all walks of life, and the stronger network you have, the more opportunities you will be providing yourself.

How to volunteer

So if you are interested in volunteering for the Lochgelly Gala, please attend the next meeting at the regeneration office at 6pm on the 3rd of June at 6pm.

If you are interested in volunteering in general, you can contact some of the non profits in the local area, a list which we have provided on our non profit page, or you can contact CVS Fife (Community Voluntary Services Fife) through their website at: www.cvsfife.org


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Volunteer Centre – Edinburgh: http://www.edinburghvolunteers.org/resources/The%20Health%20Gain.htm
CVS Fife: http://www.cvsfife.org/
National Service: http://www.nationalservice.gov/ (US Site)
The Health Benefits of Volunteering (PDF File): http://www.nationalservice.gov/pdf/07_0506_hbr.pdf

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