We have made several major changes and improvements over the past week and will be making even more very shortly.

Site Improvements

We have recently updated our top level pages to simplify our site navigation and reorganised the way we were displaying data, Information should now be a much easier to find and the site easier to navigate. We recently made the cosmetic changes to the site on the following pages: About | Have Your Say | Community Media.

We have also opened up the ability to comment on groups and organisations listed under Community.

New Features

Lochgelly Community Toolbar
We have added a community toolbar which is free to download and is installed on your browser. The toolbar is packed with many features and you can completely adapt and transform the toolbar to fit your needs. Further information about the toolbar, features, and system requirements can be found on Lochgelly Community Toolbar.

Site Translation
We’ve included translation options for 2 reasons

  1. Not everyone that stays in Lochgelly has English (or Scots) as their first language and should have the opportunity to be able to access this site and learn about Lochgelly first hand from the people in Lochgelly
  2. Only 72% of site visitors are from the UK, all the rest are from all over the world, so lets make it easier for others to learn about our small but proud town.
    • Mobile Site Support
      We have added a new plugin, WPtouch, which automatically transforms the website, to deliver faster and smoother content to mobile users when they are viewing the site through iPhone, Ipod Touch, Android, or Blackberry Storm touch mobile devices.

      We haven’t had the opportunity to fully test this feature so if anyone is using the above devices and encounters any errors, please let us know.

      Local Weather
      We’ve included an RSS feed which reports the weather conditions from a citizen operated weather station based in Lochgelly, which is provided by www.fifeweather.co.uk. You can learn more about the weather station and location at: http://www.fifeweather.co.uk/about.html

      Latest Police News
      We’ve included an RSS Feed of all the latest news and safety reports issued by Fife Constabulary for the Kingdom of Fife.

      Affiliate Link
      We’re guilty of adding an affiliate link for HostPapa in our footer, however, in our defense, we discussed as a group how we will pay for next years web hosting as we do not want to rely on the web hosting donation provided by Concepts. While we appreciate the donation and know they will provide us with the hosting indefinitely we feel it is fairer if we can somehow raise the funds needed and we felt having an affiliate link would be the best way. How it works is that if someone clicks on the Ad then buys a service from HostPapa we get a payment. There is no payment for displaying the ad or any click through rates.

Removed Features

Events Calender
This feature has been moved temporarily as it was very time consuming for our volunteers to maintain due to certain limitations in the software used. This was not a flaw in the plugin used, it just didn’t match our requirements. We will be looking to add another events calendar but we are exploring all options first.

Future Development

We are currently trying out several new plugins on a testing server so we can offer more services, and will release more information shortly. However, out with our own developments and ideas for the website, what would you like to see added?

If you have any ideas for the site, feature requests, or questions about the site, or would just like to comment in general, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments box below.

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