Lochgelly hasn’t had its own Gala for several years which is a loss to the local community, and especially for the children of the local area.

Luckily the Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum have been working hard to secure limited funds to develop and co-ordinate a Gala for Lochgelly, which will be on the 22nd August 2010.

The LCRF are looking for support from the local community and the groups and businesses that operate within the locality.

We have detailed some of the help that is needed from individuals, non profits and businesses, but to get the latest information and updates, contact the Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum on 01592 783 442.

Getting Involved

There is a lot to organise, so every bit of help, whether large or small, is very important and gratefully appreciated. The LCRF are looking for volunteers to help arrange and organise the Gala in the lead up to the special day, as well as volunteers on the day. All age groups are welcome to help and support the Gala day.

Non Profit Support

Can you run an activity on the day or put on a show? Do you run any kind of fun workshops for kids? Do you have any ideas that you think would be suitable for the Gala? Can your members volunteer and help out on the day?

To discuss how to get involved, what you can offer, or to arrange a meeting, you can contact the Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum on 01592 783 442.

Business Support

It is hoped that local businesses could make some form of contribution, whether financial or gifts. Any contributions received is a great show of support for the local community and also shows your customer/client base that you would like to help improve and support the locality, positively, in which you operate.

If you are a local business or have a business that operates in the local area, and would like to support the Gala day, contact the Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum on 01592 783 442.

Keep up to date

We have put together a collection of ideas, suggestions and further information on our permanent pages dedicated to the Lochgelly Gala. We will publish more information shortly and will try to get a list of dates for all the public meetings, but for now the easiest way to get all the latest information is to drop into the Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum (30/33 Bank Street, Lochgelly) or give them a phone on: 01592 783 442.

Leave your feedback

If you would like to leave feedback, suggest ideas, publicly display your support, or just leave a comment, please do so in the comment box below. We will pass on all feedback received to the LCRF.

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  1. Christine McGrath

    April 30, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Date of next Gala meeting is 13th May 2010 in the Regeneration Office. All welcome


  2. Kevyn Hanson

    May 4, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Do you guys have a facebook fan page for Lochgelly Gala – Please Help? I looked for 1 online but could not see one, I would love to become a fan!


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