It has come to our attention that within the past 2 weeks there was a major Fire incident at the Mossmorran complex which almost called for residents from the top half of Lochgelly to be evacuated.

Unfortunately this major incident was failed to be reported and obtaining any information about the incident has been very difficult. The only information we have (which is currently unverified but discussed at the Community Council) is:

  • Evacuation plans for Lochgelly were put into consideration for action.
  • Fife Fire & Rescue services from all over Fife were in attendance.
  • During this time Fife was left without any coverage for Fire Emergencies
    • Freedom of Information

      We do not know the specific date, time, if anyone was injured, or the specific nature of the emergency, we have therefore put in a public Freedom of Information Request using the site and will hopefully have an answer within 20 days. The questions we have asked are:

      1. What was the nature of the emergency?
      2. How long did the emergency last for?
      3. How many Fire Engines were called to handle the emergency?
      4. Were evacuation plans considered for Lochgelly or any of the surrounding areas?
      5. How many Fire Engines were left to cover the rest of Fife in case of a fire emergency during this time?
      6. Did any Firemen sustain any injuries at the emergency?

      Your right to know

      Thankfully the emergency was averted by the brave men and women from the Fife, Fire & Rescue services, and we hope none of their staff sustained any injuries.

      We are disappointed that this emergency has received no coverage locally, and feel people have a right to know about these incidents, especially when it may have required the evacuation of part of the town.

      Anything we find out will be posted on our site, and we urge anyone with any further information to contact us or leave us a message below.

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