Forth Rail Bridge by Jiri KlasterkaLocal art group, FATE (Fife Artists Together Enterprises) began as a Social Partnership between two organisations: Crystal Galleries (Teresa Maria) and Concepts (James Glen & Duncan McMahon). FATE is a ‘not for profit’ partnership coordinated by three volunteers from each project, who are all from the local area.

Coordinator Teresa Maria said, “Several ideas played a part in the forming of FATE. We wanted to give artists an opportunity to show their work, to help them gain confidence in showing their work, to create these opportunities based on artists coming-together and using their skills to avail themselves of the galleries within Fife, whilst proving it can be done with minimum or no funds.”

FATE began as an idea in 2005 whilst James Glen attended the School for Social Entrepreneurs developing a free online portfolio for artists living within Fife with the aim to help artists promote their talent online to a global audience.

“The site was launched in 2005 and has grown in numbers and users over the years. The site is available in many languages including Czech and Polish allowing easy access for individuals around the globe. We have seen a growth in Fife users and from the Czech community in Fife. We hope the Polish community living in Fife will also join the online community, by showcasing their work as a testament to the wide ranges of artistic talent, style and vibrant art which is now available in Fife” replies James (Concepts).

Since the creation of FATE, the partnership has held 6 group exhibitions throughout Fife, with the last 3 exhibitions featuring artists from Fife, Czech Republic, England, USA and Russia.

Buddha Beings of Light by Teresa MariaTeresa mentions “Since the last 2 exhibitions we have worked with Jirí Klášterka who was living in Kirkcaldy, but has since returned home, and Štepán Mleczko from the Czech Republic. Both artists have become friends and still keep in touch with us today. Recently they contacted myself with the opportunity to exhibit in the Czech Republic and could FATE help gather artists from Fife for the exhibition to be held in the summer of 2010.”

“We readily agreed as this was an exciting opportunity that could benefit some artists in Fife and we are very grateful to Štepán and Jirí for including us”

Through the network of FATE, a small select group of artists have been given the opportunity to exhibit with Štepán and Jirí, these include Andy Walker, Teresa Maria, Duncan McMahon, James Glen, Carl Sutton and John William Brown.

FATE is now looking for 3 more artists from the Polish community to further compliment the exhibition that will be held in Frýdek Místek for 1 month begining on 1st of July.

“We would like to see a cross section of the Fife artist community represented at the exhibition and we feel an international exhibition such as this would be a good stepping stone for artists to build their confidence, to hopefully embrace their skills, and to take them a step closer to earning a living from being a full time artist”

Stepan MlezckoConcepts will be providing voluntary Graphic Design support as well as promoting the exhibition locally and online “For every FATE exhibition we donate our skills and time to help promote the exhibitions and the work of the involved artists, as we feel the artist deserves to have their talent recognized and to showcase the available artistic talent living in Fife.”

James goes on to say “Even though the Czech exhibition is not a FATE initiative, we would like to show Štepán and Jirí the same level of support for providing us with this exciting opportunity”.

Anyone looking for further information or would like to participate can contact us via the FATE website ( or (

Artwork displayed is copyright 2010 to the respective artists. The artists (in order of appearance) are:

  • Jirí Klášterka
  • Teresa Maria
  • Štepán Mleczko
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