The Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum have arranged another public meeting to discuss the upcoming Lochgelly Gala.

The meeting is being held in the LCRF office (30/33 Bank Street) on Thursday, 22nd April at 6pm and it is hoped that members from the locality will come along and share their ideas for the gala and offer their voluntary support.

Why should you volunteer?

The Lochgelly Gala is a community led project co-ordinated by the voluntary group Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum. Fife Council has no involvement in the management and organisation of the Gala. All aspects of the Gala is managed by the local community for the local community, therefore your input is required and greatly appreciated.

This is your chance to help contribute and develop something worthwhile and positive for the Lochgelly area and the Lochgelly community.

Who should volunteer?

Anyone from the local area, from local individuals, local businesses, and local not for profits. Anyone that has an interest in developing a positive activity for the Lochgelly community should come along.

It is also hoped that the groups and individuals that have pledged their support on Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters and s1Lochgelly will come along to the meeting to further discuss their ideas and contributions.

What do I get?

Other than the positive feeling that you have contributed and helped develop a Gala day for the locality as well as contributing to the positive development of Lochgelly, this is an opportunity to engage with other members from the local community and an opportunity to make new connections within Lochgelly.

Our 2p worth

Living in Lochgelly we understand that one of the most common complaints within the local area is the lack of facilities and activities available for the local community, and since the closure of the Lochgelly Centre, this is now even truer. This is an excellent opportunity to change that, even if it is only for 1 day.

Personally, I am old enough to remember attending the Lochgelly Gala, and having fun as a kid, but now there is many children in the local area that have never had the opportunity to attend a Gala in the local area, and that is a real shame.

Not only is the Gala an opportunity for the local kids to enjoy something positive in the local area, it is also an opportunity for families to spend more time together enjoying a positive activity within Lochgelly.

Lochgelly – Loch of Shining Waters, will be promoting all aspects of the Gala on behalf of the LCRF, and hope members from the local community will attend the meetings, help shape, develop, and contribute to the Lochgelly Gala, to help make it a positive asset for the wider community to enjoy.

Who do I contact?

If you need further details about the Lochgelly Gala, you can attend the meetings or drop into the LCRF office on Bank Street (next door to the Fife Council Local Office) or telephone the LCRF on 01592 783 442.

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