On the 31st of March at 2pm at Brunton House in Cowdenbeath, the Cowdenbeath Area Committee made up of 9 local councillors, will vote on the small store to be located at the Fabtek Site, a decision which will be made on behalf of over 15,000 people from the local communities of Lochgelly, Ballingry, Crosshill, Lochore, Cardenden and Bowhill.

If the small store is approved by the 9 councillors, these areas will lose the opportunity of a petrol station and supermarket. The 9 councillors have been elected by us (the voters) who pay our taxes and pay their wages to represent our views, yet we are unable to ask the councillors any questions relating to the small store, and the councillors cannot express their opinions of the small store, until after the vote.

This does not seem a democratic process, however, we will not pass judgement until the final vote has been made. We would like to point out that we have made all the councillors aware of the amount of community support for a petrol station and supermarket in Lochgelly and the objections against the small store from feedback we have recieved on this site.

The voting has already been delayed so Councillors could conduct a site visit, however, this site visit has already recieved critism from the local community. Mainly because, Fife Council employees were in attendance and secondly no questions could be put forward to the councillors, and if questions were asked, they could not reply in case they debarred themselves from the vote.

Will common sense prevail or will they just push through something that the majority of Lochgelly and the surrounding areas don’t want – Lochgelly Community Forum

Why not come along?

If you are at a loose end on Wednesday 31st March (Brunton House – The business centre at the top of Cowdenbeath, next to the roundabout) why not come along to the public meeting and witness for yourself the planning process and final vote on this issue. I am sure that the 9 councillors would be more than happy to speak with you after the vote has been made.

If the plan is approved you will witness the complete disregard for the local community and mockery of democracy as the councillors will not be acting on our behalf.

If the plan is denied you will see a victory for the local community (and surrounding areas), while showing that our local councillors are acting on our behalf and representing our views.

So whatever way the vote goes, please come along to the public meeting and witness the process for yourselves, the more the merrier.

The meeting is being held on the 31st March, 2pm, Brunton House, Cowdenbeath. We hope to see you there.

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One Comment

  1. Anon

    March 30, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    I hope the councillors will vote on what we need and that is a petrol station, not a store on quiet back streets.


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