The Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum attended the public meeting held by the Cowdenbeath Area Committee at 2pm today after being disallowed access to the earlier private meeting that started at 1pm.

Chairperson William Clarke apologised to the LCRF on the basis of the paperwork not being clear about who can access the first meeting. This was the official start to the public Cowdenbeath Area Committee meeting, that would make the final vote on the planned small store located at the FabTek site.

Before the vote took place, various issues were discussed concerning the planning application and one of the councillors recommended further amendments to the proposed plan which was discussed with Fife Council’s legal department. Due to the nature of the amendments, and the process that this would involve, it was decided that a final vote should be taken.

We are pleased to announce that the plans for the small store was rejected, and we would like to thank the LCRF for updating us as soon as the meeting finished.

Five of the Councillors objected to the planned store on the basis of lack of parking spaces, possible road congestion issues, and the location of the nearby Primary School. Three Councillors approved the plans for reasons that are unknown to as of the time of writing this.

What Votes Were Made?

  • Councillor Alistair Bain approved the plan
  • Councillor Ann Bain approved the plan
  • Councillor Ian Chisholm was unable to attend and had made his apologies in advance.
  • Councillor William L. Clarke approved the plan
  • Councillor Margot Doig rejected the plan
  • Councillor Mark Hood rejected the plan
  • Councillor Alexander Maxwell wasn’t in attendance
  • Councillor Alex Rowley rejected the plan
  • Councillor John Simpson rejected the plan

Victory for Lochgelly (For Now)

We are glad that the majority of the Councillors objected, which has been a victory for Lochgelly and the surrounding areas, as we are now one step closer to having the opportunity of a Petrol Station and Supermarket that will help increase employment and reduce travel costs, in the local areas of Lochgelly, Crosshill, Lochore, Ballingry, Cardenden and Bowhill.

However this is only one step, it is our understanding that the planners can still make an appeal, and then be put back on the agenda for Lochgelly. The Lochgelly Community Regeneration Forum will be continuing to monitor the situation, and raise public awareness of all the latest developments, and we will continue to publish any information we receive.

But for now this is a definite victory for the local community.

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One Comment

  1. Richard

    April 1, 2010 at 11:52 am

    This decision proves what a waste of money and “window dressing” the charrette was. All the planning carried out during the charrette involved this new small supermarket which nobody wants. This planning decision along with the new houses planned to the south of Lochgelly make a mockery of the whole charrette process. We were shown nice light 2 storey buildings with scottish features while in reality we’re getting 3 storey flats and as much housing that can fit on the small piece of land. Maybe Fife Council and The Scottish Goverment should be brought to task about the waste of public money on this charade.


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