Now that the Lochgelly Charrette is over and some of the PR has began to subside, how do people really feel about the Charrette? In this article we have a range of comments made by members of the public regarding the Lochgelly Charrette. Some of the comments that are reproduced here have been sourced from Urban Realm ( which is the leading magazine for the architectural, design and specifying industries in Scotland.

We would like to thank the member of the Lochgelly Community that first brought this website to our attention and we would also like to thank Urban Realm for allowing us to reproduce the comments they have received on the specific posts dealing with the Lochgelly Charrette. For anyone interested in following the Charrette as it progresses throughout Scotland, should check out the Urban Realm website ( for further information.

Why have we reproduced the comments?

We have reproduced the comments because we believe this will help centralise the views and opinions from the local community and hope this will encourage others to have their say on these (and other) important issues affecting Lochgelly.

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To view the comments at the original source and in the context they were made please visit the credited links.

Duany Has Designs for Fife

Original Article Source:

  1. “If all this new build is needed (and some think it isn’t and that existing communities and towns should be regenerated in other ways than green field build ) then why are those who work in Scotland not being used to masterplan and design? There are surely plenty capable?It will be new build but designed to look, in a Toytown way, like it’s ‘traditional’.

    Scotland has excellent architects who should be used to build sensitive modern buildings, if it is really necessary to build at all.”

  2. “Computer generated commentary, with random buzzwords loosely connected; big on hype, short on ideas?You tube has details of all this ‘exciting’ regeneration in Scotland:

    The Scottish Government

    “Sustainable Communities Initiative – Lochgelly”″

  3. “The pits are all closed therefore too many houses & not enough jobs. How will 1750 new houses help? I don’t know of any house hunters with a burning desire to stay in Lochgelly. How will they sell?”
  4. “I live in Lochgelly the main street is a joke with nought for the kids to do at night the works that are happening are causing chaos and what a waste of money the new statue and benches the kids now have seats to sit on for a drink . Building a new centre for what??? what jobs, green fields what green fields only golf courses here we have tried for over a year here to get playing field for young kids football. So what chance has the rest got think this yank should ask the people of lochgelly about the problems here not the problems given to him by the ones who live outside the town before he gets his paint brush out to paint over the cracks. Just like the last Coalfields regeneration mob did with £20,000 to paint up another drinking spot the royal oak when the kids get nought again Regeneration rejuvination all a load of twaddle call it what you like but the youth and kids in this area are the future and no matter what the regeneration/charrette do with bricks and mortar unless they are sorted out and helped with centres and funds for sports groups and teams run by the volunteer army that is trying hard to raise fund to get these kids away from the cross and into sports and the likes the place will still be left behind in the pit era.”
Duany puts some welly into Lochgelly

Original Article Source:

  1. “Why is the man being flown in at great expense and listened to, while people in Scotland who could do the job (and talk with as much, if not greater, knowledge) are being sidelined?
    ‘Most of your fields aren’t even greenbelt’. Well no, possibly he could find out what greenbelt means, but they are good farmland, and simply not being greenbelt doesn’t mean it’s fair game.
    There’s more to sustainable communities than simply walkability, and more to regeneration than Duany. “
  2. “Sometimes blind ignorance can be inspired, sometimes it’s just that: blind ignorance.”
  3. “Duany has no understanding of the specific problems; it’s a one size fits all scenario he preaches. He’s paid (presumably well) to do a job and the Scottish government, which has little idea, hopes he has stardust to sprinkle. He hasn’t. Why is the government not seeking out good people involved already in this sort of work in Scotland and using them?
    His mantra of ‘we have plenty of green space so build on it, it’s not protected’ is a dangerous one.”
  4. “I’ve flown all over…. The only thing that is sustainable is if you can walk to things…” Oh the irony!”
  5. “What a charlatan. Does he not recognise that we might want to keep fields green, redevelop the mighty swathes of brownfield land and support failing town centres?Why don’t we reciprocate by sending Edinburgh City Council to the US to tell them how to build urban transport infrastructure?”
  6. “Lochgelly has been projected to grow by 1,700 or so dwelling units by 2026. I saw the proposals and thought that the team sensitively balanced the need for growing both the edges -and- the core of Lochgelly, whilst determining the final urban growth boundary that would preserve green areas and regional open space.”
  7. “The plans are based on plans created by Fife Council several years ago The Mid Fife Structure plan. A large part of the Lochgelly community have been voting and filling in survey forms in support of a petrol station and supermarket, which will be located at the edge of the town and will be of benfit to the surrounding towns, yet Fife Council and Andres DUany have ignored this and are steam rolling their plan ahead, regardless of what the public are wanting.All Andres Duany has managed to do is show Fife Council how to polish a turd……”
  8. “Where are all the people to come from to populate this huge swathe of new building which is happening all over Scotland, building on so many greenfield sites? Where will they work? Yes, Duany has his own ‘one size fits all ‘agenda to push. Seaside is hardly a model to follow. “
Lochgelly Charrette – Not So Public!

Original Article Source:

  1. “I am in total agreement with you. It is a bit of an insult to Scottish planners that someone from America comes into our town for a week and procedes to tell us how to live and build our houses. What does he know about living in a mining town? The problems that we have. Who paid him and how much has the futile exercise cost us? He delivered the same speech on Saturday that he delivered on Thursday and then walked off not taking questions. I do not believe that was right, no chance to question some of his FANTASTIC ideas that I would be surprised if they ever work. Some of his ideas were o.k.I hope that some good comes out of this and that Fife Planners have taken some note of the points that were raised “
  2. “I also think it was a way to get Fife Council’s plans passed. Andres Duany endorsing the shopping outlet on Hall Street/High Street and dismissing the one for Auchterderran Road was a prime example. He disregarded public opinion on congested streets, proximity to a school/nursery and being 40 parking spaces short of the legal requirement and stated that it was the only option for the town.
    He also dismissed public concerns about the health risks of new housing being built close to the dual carriageway and Mossmoran.
    To his credit he also came up with an alternative to the three storey flats proposed for South Street. Do you think this idea will be put into practise?
    In conclusion it was an expensive exercise and I’m not sure what the long term result will be for Lochgelly. It was supposed to change the planning system but whether that will be a change for the better remains to be seen.”
Lochgelly Charrette – Details in the Small Print

Original Article Source:

  1. “Attended the meeting last night and liked what I heard. I made my point about the proposed housing to the south of Lochgelly and it appears I’m not the only resident with Major Concerns. It was highlighted by residents and Mr Duany, that there is no benefit of housing being located there.Andrés Duany was excellent and dismissed nothing last night but questioned the planning already proposed. He pointed out the stupid planning Lochgelly has had to endure so far. You could see the planners from Fife Council faces changing from happy smiley to concerned as the presentation went on. He dismantled the Fife Council planning proposed for the future and the rubbish we have had in the past.

    I’ve since noticed this morning that the goalposts have been moved and this small print has appeared overnight on the website. Which means despite the residents and Andrés Duany best efforts, Fife Council are going ahead no matter what is agreed with their foolish, reckless and damaging planning. Be nice to think the Scottish Goverment would step in and put Fife Council in to Line.

    So What is the point of the Charrette?

  2. “Good for you Richard! And lets hope that Mr. Duany gets the chance to air his views, and gets the chance to properly consult the Lochgelly people. I think the plans that Fife Council are enforcing upon us are terrible, it will destroy the town! I don’t in principle object to a small town growing larger, and some new houses being built, this is natural growth, but the plans for between 3,000 and 4,000 houses is just far, far too much. I object also to how Fife Council are ignoring the objections the Lochgelly people are making…I am also concerned we are losing our green spaces, our golf course..and anything else Fife council wants to stick a building on. I am sad that ‘our’ council is not behaving in a democratic way, and I hope that there will be others in a position of power that will intervene on our behalf…Can the Scottish Government help? Where do we go from here? Is there any way to make Mr. Duany aware of our views?”

If you would like to express your views and opinions on the Lochgelly Charrette please leave us a comment below, or visit Urban Realm ( to comment or follow all the latest developments for the Charrette in Scotland.

Credits & Thanks

We would like to thank all the original commentators for expressing their views and helping to facilitate discussions on the Lochgelly Charrette. The member of the public who first notified us of the Urban Realm articles, and Urban Realm for giving us the permission to reproduce the comments.


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  1. sam

    April 1, 2010 at 9:45 pm

    I attented one meeting and a comment was made that I didn’t understand!!!!. The man conducting the charrette said after a comment was made by D Kinnell about houses at the south of Lochgelly and Mossmorn “A developer has purchased land to make a profit and we must not dissappoint them” suddenly the rep was invited to a private meeting and on Sat night more houses were proposed in that area and the store at Fab Tec was being proposed which is apparently owned by the same person. What happened at that private meet?


  2. tiptoes

    April 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    the charette was a charade set up by the council to get the golf club in the local plan by the backdoor


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