We have had a lot of feedback on the site about the planned small store vs the Supermarket with Petrol Station, and would like to thank everyone for their continued input, comments and votes. Below we have listed the latest comments/objections on the Fife Council Website and objections received on the Lochgelly site.

To make an objection online please visit: http://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationComments.do?action=showComments&caseNo=09/01361/WOPP

Official Objections

mrs Ann Brown (Objects)
Alongside everybody else i object to the supermarket in hall street and agree a supermarket should be built on the weathermac site where it would provide what lochgelly,benarty,cardenden and other surrounding areas need.A petol station and jobs without any disruption to local residents.

miss kelly brown (Objects)
I strongly object to the small supermaket in hall street,this would only create problems and disruption to local residents.it is common sense that a supermaket at weathermac would be beneficial to lochgelly and surrounding areas.It would create more jobs and a much needed petrol station and is clearly what the people want.

Mr David Hempseed (Objects)
I strongly object to the supermarket at Hall Street as this will cause snarl-ups and a danger to the public due to increased traffic and lorries. Listen to the people of Lochgelly not developers

mr john thomson (Objects)
i strongly object to the small supermarket being built in hall street.this would be problematic to local residents and would make no sense at all when there is a site availiable at weathermac which would be an ideal site for such a venture.i ask myself who would be in favour of the proposed hall street site?certainly not any resident of lochgelly or surrounding areas!which leads me to think the only people to benefit from the proposed hall street supermarket are land and building owners who will obviously profit from this decision.are local residents’ opinions even getting considered?if the hall street site does go ahead,i personally will write to Gordan Brown to ask him to investigate this decision.

Mrs Agnes Cormack (Objects)
As a local trader in Lochgelly, I am inclined to object to the plan for a retail park as outlined in planning application 09/01361/WOPP. My reasons are that anything that takes trade away from the current shops on Bank Street. and Main Street. will almost certainly cause hardship to traders already struggling in the present economic climate. (originally submitted in letter format)

R Cuthbert (Objects)
This representation has been submitted in letter format. The text for this comment will be scanned and made available in the documents tab within the next few days.

R McKinlay (Objects)
This representation has been submitted in letter format. The text for this comment will be scanned and made available in the documents tab within the next few days.

Mr Walter Howieson (Objects)
Strong objection of the proposed retail unit. Common sense will hopefully prevail, as being shown by the many reasoned objections already raised, if the council does have Lochgellys interests at its heart, will they please listen to the people of this community and be part of the solution in seeing to a substantial supermarket chain with much needed fuelling facilities in the best location! Building a bigger supermarket with fuelling facilities on the outskirts of Lochgelly at the previously proposed site with its better road artery layout, this is what everyone sees as the solution and will not only provide more jobs, but will also benefit the surrounding communities of Benarty/Cardenden e.t.c. Lets look at the bigger picture for the community and its future and do the right thing .

Miss Samantha Ollis (Objects)
Along with ALL the other respondants on this subject, I object in the strongest manner to the proposal to build a small grocery outlet at Hall Street. I am not a neighbour of Hall Street and I have only lived in the town for four years so I do not have the history to draw from like other objectors, however I cannot see how this development will benefit the town in any way. Indeed I can only foresee drawbacks in that current small grocery shops like David Sands and Good News will struggle to survive with another direct competitor for their trade – a major supermarket will not affect them as much. The Auchterderran Road proposal makes so much more sense – it is ideally located for supply, away from residential premises. It will draw in shoppers from surrounding towns and villages who will then more than likely use the existing shops in the town for any other shopping they need. It will also help to support the regeneration of the town by providing close-by facilities for all the new houses that are proposed. A smaller development will not do this and people will still go to Kirkcaldy or Dunfermline to do the bulk of their shopping. I am under no illusion that the council will pay any heed to local opinion – a questionnaire was sent to every house for opinions about the Weathermac development and received, I believe 97% positive response – I notice that a similar such questionnaire has not been delivered about the Hall Street proposal!

A Aitken (Objects)
This representation has been submitted in letter format. The text for this comment will be scanned and made available in the documents tab within the next few days.

Mrs Jeanette Rattray (Objects)
I object most vehemently to the supermarket at Hall Street. My sister lived in Grainger Street many years ago. When my nephew was small he managed to get out the front security door on the flats and ran onto the road. He was hit by a car, luckily for him it was a lady driver with a child in her car. she had been driving slowly as she was nearing the junction with hall street. My nephew was unharmed but shaken. I am now led to understand that this road will carry extra traffic to this proposed supermarket site; this is on top of all the traffic which already uses this road. Many children from the surrounding streets walk up this road to the South school, this could be 4 times a day if the child goes home at lunch time. Yet when the proposals were made by a company wishing to build a supermarket and petrol station at the old Weathermac site they had to submit to the Council details of numbers of children crossing at Auchterderran Road on their way to the South school; which was a fair distance away. Why is an assassment such as this not being undertaken this time? Also we have been told that if this small developement gets the go ahead we will never be able to get another shopping site in the town as the Council will state that for the size of the town we are adequately served. But never mind the number what about the quality and diversity of the shopping in the town. My husband and I cannot work through ill health and live on a low income. I have to shop around for the best prices and deals on offer.I do shop locally when I can but admit that I do my big shop out of town and I have read nothing in this proposal to make me change my mind. I note no name for the shop has been mentioned. If it is only to be another Spar, David Sands, or similar; of which there are already plenty in the town to cater for our numbers,I would state not to bother building this one as it will probably only result in one of the shops already open closing due to customers numbers spread too thin.

Mrs Rhona Gibbons (Objects)
I object to the application for the erection of retail units at High Street/Hall Steet, Lochgelly. These proposed units will be built close to a primary school and, solely from a road safety aspect, the application should not be considered. An increase in traffic would undoubtedly happen both from members of the public and also from heavy delivery lorries. The safety of children is far more important that the building of these units. Why not go ahead with the building of a supermarket/petrol station at Auchterderran Road? This would be a much safer option!

mr william bain (Objects)
I object to this planning as the area selected is a quiet residential area with narrow streets, which are already congested. Placing a small store in this area, will increase the traffic congestion from Heavy Good Vehicles which will ultimately prove a danger to the local nursery and primary school. I would also like to say that my daughter go’s to my mam’s and to her freind’s and that I THINK THAT HER LIFE IS MORE INPORTENT THAN A SILLY SHOP THAT IS IN THE WRONG PLACE.

Mrs Ann Mitchell (Objects)
I would like to add my voice to the growing number of people who think that the proposed and publicised supermarket and much needed petrol station at Auchterderran Road was common sense and another mini market at Hill St makes no sense. Access would increase conjestion in East Main St, High St and Grainger St where there are a lot of children walking to school. The area is well served with Bank Street shops nearby.

mr thomas martin (Objects)
Being a resident of Main St i already know first hand of the traffic congestion in this street with the 3 fast food outlets.I already have to park in the High St sometimes because of the amount of cars which congest the street.Pick any day of the week and you will see the problems that this area has with traffic eg. school runs,delivery vans,local bus service trying to get through a one way street,to add to this would be ludicrous.Lochgelly and surrounding areas would surely benefit more from a large supermarket and much needed petrol station,how the powers that be cannot see this is beyond me.

Mr David Henderson (Objects)
I think that the site for this retail development is totally unsuitable as the road are narrow,busy and have a lot of parked cars. It is also near to a school. Lochgelly does not need an other small retail unit but a supermarket with petrol services as proposed at Auchterderran Road.

Mrs Ella S (Objects)
I think that plans to build a mini-supermarket close to public roads and a school/nursery are ludicrous. A supermarket with the facilities of a petrol station at Weathermac makes much more sense to me. And weirdly enough, all 14 comments here are objecting plans to build the mini-supermarket.

Mrs Christine McGrath (Objects)
This site is in close proximity to a Nursery/Primary School and a Public Park and increased traffic (particularly delivery lorries) on such narrow streets can only be a serious cause for concern. Surely it would be better to consider the alternative site at end of Auchterderran Road which could be accessed from the dual carriageway and the main (much wider) road through Lochgelly from surrounding areas without having to endanger lives. This site would also have a petrol station -people in the area have to travel for this therefore they use more fuel

Miss Michelle Taylor (Objects)
I would not like to see a carpark encroaching on our Public Park and all the lorries and extra traffic will increase the dangers for my child

Mr Duncan McMahon (Objects)
It seems that once again Lochgelly and local area may lose out. The rumours are that if the proposed mini-supermarket at Hall Street goes ahead then the major retail supermarket (complete with Petrol Station) proposed for the Weathermac site at the bottom of Auchterderran Road will never happen. Why would anyone want to build a supermarket in a residentail area (such as Hall Street) with all the disadvantages that this would bring to the local residents and main street shops. Hall Street is already congested and further trafffic such as customers and service lorries at various times would surely pose an increased health and safety risk to pedestrains including children from the nearby school and nursery. Consideration should also be given to noise levels for local residents with deliveries being made outwith normal times, early morning and night etc. This is not suitable for a residential area, and is more suited to the outskirts of town (such as Auchterderran Road). Surely the major benefits are to be gained from the site at Auchterderran Road (Weathermac) which would service the local area including Lochgelly/Benarty/Cardenden. The proposed Petrol Station at this site would help cut down the carbon footprint for local people who currently have to travel to Cowdenbeath/Dunfermline/Kirkcaldy etc to get fuel at a reasonable price.

Mr William Smith (Objects)
I dont agree with putting a mini-supermarket, in a residential area (Hall Street) where thery are many kids and pedestrains. I think the proposed site at Auchterderran Road would be ideal as it could also include a Petrol Station which is much needed in this area.

Ms Susan McMahon (Objects)
I think it is terrible that they are even considering putting a supermarket/retail outlet in a residential area such as Hall Street, which is already congested especially at drop off and pick up times for the nearby school/nursery. There is limited parking which will surely mean it will flow out into the surrounding streets, which is widely used by children and pedestrains. I think it would wiser to put this type of facility on the outskirts of the town such as Auchterderran Road (proposed Weathermac site) where there is ample parking, room for Petrol Station which is badly needed in this area and could cater for Lochgelly/Benarty/Cardenden etc, this could also attract passing trade from the motorway, without having to come into our town/residential streets. I think this site would have less detrimental effects on main street shops, and would not need to intrude on our local park for entrance. I think the Weathermac site is a much more viable option and would be a more valuable asset to our local community.

Mr Graham McFarthing (Objects)
This store will be to close to the nursery/primary school where my grandchildren attend and I will worry over their safety due to the increase in traffic that will result in building this store.

Mr James Glen (Objects)
I object to this planning as the area selected is a quiet residential area with narrow streets, which are already congested. Placing a small store in this area, will increase the traffic congestion from Heavy Good Vehicles which will ultimately prove a danger to the local nursery and primary school. This store will also have a negative impact on local retailers. If anything this plan should be dropped in favour of the proposed Supermarket and Petrol Station to be located at Auchterderran Road.

Mrs Helen Ross (Objects)
I object to this plan as I would prefer a Supermarket with a petrol station located at Auchterderran road, rather than allowing a small store to be located in a quiet residential area which will worsen the congestion from heavy good vehicles and will prove a danger to the local nursery/school.

Mrs Eileen McKenna (Objects)
I object to the future plans for the small shopping outlet at the corner of Hall Street and High Street. This is already a congested area, with a school close by. Having delivery lorries on these small streets is an accident waiting to happen. We should be seriously considering a supermarket at Auchterderran Road with easy access from dual carriageway.

Mr Scott Campbell (Objects)
the access road will be in one of the quietest street in lochgelly,overnight it will turn into one of the buisiest,day and night,also it needs to be asked how the the developers managed to aquire (from the council) some of the ground which is actualy the public park.is there a wee bit of coruption here?after all it is ment to be a PUBLIC PARK for the PUBLIC, not developers to make a profit from

Mr A Sharp (Objects)
I write on behalf of Lochgelly Community Council regarding this planning application their have been quite a few issues raised by members of the community regarding access noise and use of public park. I would ask at this time that no decision be made on this application until the full community council members meet on 3rd September to allow for a full discussion on this matter, we shall revert back to you after the meeting. A.M.Sharp Secretary Lochgelly Community Council

Mrs Mandy Stevenson (Objects)
I would like to start by saying that there are many objections to this and this will be proven when I start the Petition process which is planned for this by many neighbours. Not all have access to the internet so the council never get a true number of what peoples objections are. That is why the council should be taking a more active interest in receiving feedback and informing the public of their action plans, which would show us what steps the council are actually taking of our noted interests or concerns. For the plans to even be subbmited is an insult to the people of Lochgelly. Have they not considered the fact that the increase in traffic in a built up area where we have a Nursery / Primary School and a park is a risk, and to be quite honest it will only be a matter of time before there is a fatal accident due to this, if it goes ahead. Also to think they can have a main car enterance at the side of a Park is absulute nonesence. This is a well used Park, by many regulars in Lochgelly from morning till night, we have Familiey, Children elderly, many who have used this park all their lives, do they really want to walk in a Park which has busy traffic, no i dont think so, JUST MOVE THE PARK THEN I dont think so), or MOVE THE ROAD ENTERING FROM THE PARK SIDE. I can assure the council I will do everything in my power not to have the road coming from the park side and I know I will have the back up of most Lochgelly Residents. I will now be monitoring this closely and hope to work with people who are also against the road entering the park, to ensure that this does not happen. Please note I will be contacting all people within an important role with in the Council and the Government to get advise. I will not leave this for the planners to get their own way. This is the peoples Town and not the planners of the area or fife Council We are the ones who live here, so we should be heard.

Alex Mitchell For Macdonald Estates (Objects)
This representation has been submitted in letter format. The text for this comment will be scanned and made available in the documents tab within the next few days.

Major P G May (MBE) (Objects)
This representation has been submitted in letter format. The text for this comment will be scanned and made available in the documents tab within the next few days.

To make an objection online and add your name to this list please visit: http://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationComments.do?action=showComments&caseNo=09/01361/WOPP

Objections received on Lochgelly.org.uk

I think we most definately need a supermarket with petrol station In Lochgelly as we stay in Ballingry and if we run out of petrol the nearest station is in Cowdenbeath. The Auchterrderran site would be by far a better solution.

Because we have no petrol station in LOCHGELLY it is necessary for everyone to leave the town to fill up there car. The obvious place to go is one of the retailparks and then do the shopping. If we have a supermarket in the town with petrol station or even a retailpark it would keep everyone in the town plus give the town much needed jobs. Why are the planners forcing us to leave the town take our business elsewhere instead of encouraging us to stay and shop locally. Lets face it the Co-Op is more expensive than other supermarkets. Its O.K. for top up but the money you save going to the retailparkcan be used in other ways.

Ena and Dave
With the amount of new houses being built in Lochgelly and increase in population we think that a supermarket with a petrol station would benefit the town along with Ballingry and Cardenden areas. It seems ludicrous to expect people to come down High Street and to try and turn into Hall Street you take your life in your own hands with the amount of Council vans, vehicles parked in the Library, The Furniture Shops and people visiting the Town House. We definitely do not need a small outlet but a Supermarket with petrol station is a neccessity and the location is ideal in Auchterderran Road and it is on the outskirts of the town.

Come on Fife Council, whatever happened to the concept of Democracy! Start serving the community instead of dictating to them. Invest in our Communities! “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lochgelly would be a great site for the supermarket. I don’t have a car and have to rely on costly public transport to travel into Cowdenbeath. People from Ballingry upwards would also benefit. Its about time that Fife Council started to pay attention to the smaller towns and allow would-be investors to actually invest in our towns instead of blocking these proposals, or having their own hidden-agenda’s.

I’ve been unemployed for almost a year now, and there is nothing in Lochgelly.It angers me that Fife Council is going to take away 180 jobs before they even get created.

I would love to have a supermarket in Lochgelly, it would save me trailing my kid on buses

this would surely help improve Lochgelly?

H. Curtis
I think a supermarket would be a good idea, it would bring in visitors to the town. Also, car-drivers are having to travel to Cowdenbeath to obtain petrol, this all costs extra money. Bringing jobs into the area is surely a positive move.

We would like to thank everyone for putting forward their objections to the small store and voting for the much needed Petrol Station and Supermarket. If you want to make an official objection online please visit:

Or add your comments below, all comments received will be passed on to the Cowdenbeath Area Committee.

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