Today, we were notified we had just won a website award for from The award we received was in the silver category and is a good achievement and recognition for all our volunteers hard work and dedication to the site.

Web site awards are a way to acknowledge talented individuals that have striven to create a special web site experience for its visitors.

We are very pleased to receive this award, and will continue to develop and grow this community resource, however, this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

Our aim is to give all webmasters regardless of knowledge and experience, recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Open Source

At we made the decision to utilise Open Source technologies to power the website and handle functionality. The benefits of this are:

  • No technical skills are necessary (but can be a very good advantage)
  • Access to thousands of free scripts that add and extend functionality to a website, that have been developed over several weeks, months, and years, backed by experienced and professional web developers.
  • This site utilises the Open Source project WordPress ( which is free to use and can be downloaded from their website.

    We are writing a range of articles aimed at beginners which will give you a step by step guide on buying a domain name, web host and installing/configuring WordPress to be used for your own website, a very simple process, once you know how. All the articles/tutorials are located under our Website Design Category

    Special Thanks

    We would like to give a special thanks to Eric Hough, the creator of the TubePress plugin which powers our video section. Recently we had a very small issue with TubePress conflicting with our server configuration that disable access to our Widgets panel.

    Eric gave up his free time and checked out our Server and made changes to his excellent plug-in which made it compatable with our server, which we would have never been able to figure ourselves.

    Details of the TubePress plugin can be found at and is worth checking out if you are considering running videos on your WordPress site.

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