Admin Note: This article is outdated and the information contained is no longer relevant to this site. For the latest information on contributing to the site, please visit Community Website.

Would you like to contribute, create and shape the development of this site? If so you can start taking ownership of this site by registering an account and start contributing. is a new type of website, with all aspects managed by volunteers from Lochgelly for Lochgelly, run on a not for profit basis (no ads, no paid for listings), sharing your news, promoting awareness of new developments, and allowing anyone from the Lochgelly area to contribute and shape this site to develop a large community site that reflects the diversity of views, opinions and life in Lochgelly.

Guest Accounts: Every visitor to the site is automatically assigned a guest account until they register. Guests can view pages and posts and leave comments. To post a comment guests will always have to supply a name and email address to post.

Subscriber Accounts: By registering an account, subscribers can post comments easier and have their own profile page. Every registered subscriber that makes 10 (or more) comments will have their account automatically upgraded to Contributor

Contributor Accounts: Contributors can add, and edit their own posts which are published on the front page. Contributors can also add calendar events. Every registered contributor that publishes 10 posts will have their account upgraded to Author

Author Accounts: Authors can add, edit, and delete their own posts, upload media to the site, and add events to the calendar. Every registered author that publishes 200 posts will have their account upgraded to Editor

Editor Accounts: Editors can edit any of the content including links, pages, posts and approve or edit comments. Editor accounts cannot change anything within the structure like the theme or plugins.

Administrator Accounts: Unlimited access to the site, the Administrator accounts are currently restricted.

User Permission Levels

Capability admin editor author contributor subscriber guest
Read Posts & Pages YES YES YES YES YES YES
Delete Posts YES YES YES YES
Publish Posts YES YES YES
Delete Published Posts YES YES YES
Upload Files YES YES YES
Read Private Pages YES YES
Edit Private Pages YES YES
Delete Private Pages YES YES
Read Private Posts YES YES
Edit Private Posts YES YES
Delete Private Posts YES YES
Delete Others Posts YES YES
Delete Published Pages YES YES
Delete Others Pages YES YES
Delete Pages YES YES
Publish Pages YES YES
Edit Published Pages YES YES
Edit Others Pages YES YES
Edit Pages YES YES
Edit Others Posts YES YES
Edit Published Posts YES YES
Unfiltered Html YES YES
Manage Links YES YES
Manage Categories YES YES
Moderate Comments YES YES
Edit Dashboard YES
Unfiltered Upload YES
Import YES
Manage Options YES
Edit Files YES
Delete Users YES
Edit Users YES
Create Users YES
Delete Plugins YES
Update Plugins YES
Edit Plugins YES
Activate Plugins YES
Install Plugins YES
Edit Themes YES
Switch Themes YES
Update Themes YES
Install New Themes YES

Unlike some other community sites, we are completely not for profit, we do not use your contributions to increase our content to push up advertising and listing revenues, nor do we share your details with any third parties, we are also located in Lochgelly and completely managed by Lochgelly people, whilst a local media company donate their professional experience and skills, spanning over 8 years in developing commercial websites, to ensure the smooth running of the website, and that it remains a positive asset for the Lochgelly community.

For further information, please check our FAQ

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